I’ve raised my Shadowy to a point where I’ve opened up some new stories in the Flit, but quite a few need &quotInvestigating…&quot at a certain level to play. Unfortunately I can’t seem to work out where to earn/increase this quality. Any suggestions?

Look under “The Tricks of the Courier’s Trade” in the Flit.

A more advanced and profitable option: Once you’re a guest lecturer at the University, and attempt to create your own department, you’ll eventually gain access to storylets that reward you while investigating. Those are quite good when combined with the activities in the Flit.

Ah haven’t quite got to the University stage but I will keep that in mind for the future. Ah, Tricks of the Trade! I have NO idea how I missed that, I thought I’d looked through all the Flit areas searching for Investigating! Thank you!

Quite happy to help. There’s a lot going on in the Flit and it can be confusing at times to keep track of things. Besides the obvious things like getting good enough to earn the “Master Thief” title, you can also find your way into the War of Illusions with lucky results on certain stories there, as well as one rather obscure place to earn “Putting the Pieces Together: the Drownies.”

Have fun, and when you get to where you can earn Casing reliably, selling information to colleagues is a wonderful way to boost your Shadowy and connections amongst the Criminal element.