Investigating the Affluent Photographer

I’ve been on the trail of this mysterious character for some time now, but progress is damnably slow, not to mention costly. I know I’m not the only one looking into her activities, would anyone care to collaborate in a mutually beneficial capacity? No funny business, I swear it!

Edit: My investigation is finished, but feel free to use this thread to find others to collaborate with!
edited by Tsar Koschei on 7/2/2018

Happy to be duped.

I am still getting these, it has also been damnedably slow for me. Feel free to send a calling card, if you wish. I will send you An Honest Call For Help, as I already have a card in queue.

I already managed to complete the my investigation with Jermaine’s help, so I don’t really need any more assistance. I’ll go ahead pass the favor along and give you a hint, though. As for the rest, perhaps some other investigator will find this notice and help you further!