Intimate of Devils storyline

I’m not totally clear on this storyline. Two questions:

A) Once it reaches the stage where the Quiet Deviless & Affectionate Devil start trying to buy my soul, is there anything after that without selling it to them? I actually managed to advance the quality by repeatedly winning the &quothow can you fail?&quot challenge where I risk letting them convince me, but then it started repeating the earlier storylets and eventually they started trying to get my soul again.

B) Followup question: if this is all there is to the storyline, can I get them to permanently leave me alone? I want to keep my soul, and from what I gather it’s very expensive to get it back if I sell it.

Sorry if this info is readily available somewhere - I try to consult the wiki when I can, but I find the way it links qualities and storylets very confusing to navigate.

There is nothing more to the Intimate of Devils storyline other than selling your soul to them. If you want them to leave you alone forever without selling your soul you’ll need to repeatedly refuse to have anything to do with them on their cards until the quality is gone, and then basically eliminate your Hell connection. This will get rid of all the cards. If you only do the former then you’ll get the first card periodically.