Inter-Player Trading

I now have everything ready for my first expedition in search of the Nadir, except for an Eyeless Skull. There is an option to ask another player for one. Is there a fair way to compensate another player? They can cash it in for Echoes; is there a way for one player to provide another player with equivalent benefit? If so, how does one negotiate such a deal?

Are there other &quotbig ticket&quot sorts of trades between players? Or trades with a big item on one side, and several small items or favors on the other?

There is small-scale trade which can feel social or friendly or gift-economy-based. I am familiar with the Gift opportunity card, and have used it to send Second Chances, and once a Collection of Curiosities. I have received many bundles of rats and a few gems. I routinely trade menace reduction with a few regular contacts (whom I know only in Fallen London, not via FB/Twitter). But that seems like a different scale than an Eyeless Skull.

For a game which describes itself so much in terms of a Bazaar, and which links to social sites, I’m actually kinda surprised that the player-to-player economy is so low-profile, compared to, say, the &quotMall of Loathing&quot.

Starveling Cats are rare, useful to Seekers, and easily transferrable if you’ve got one. But accepting an invitation to seek the Name might be &quotworth&quot more than that.
[li]On a more monetary note, First City Coins can be transferred without use of a card, 30 at a time (7.50 echos).
edited by Aspeon on 10/22/2013