Input from players?

Is there any way for the player to input text, aside from their name at the beginning, which could then be used as a variable or quality? I’d like the player to be able to name a pet, for example, but I don’t see any way that’s possible.


There’s a card that turns up every now and then called ‘Give a Gift’ or the like. You can use it to name pets, I believe. You can also name your newspaper, when you get it, and, I think, your spouse if your spouse is not a different player.

You can also summon that card from your lodgings, if you pay in fate.

I mean when creating a game, is it possible to ask the player for input and save their input for something other than their name. I know Fallen London does this sometimes, but they have more advanced code and custom options that StoryNexus doesn’t offer to people making their own games.

Ah. Sorry - didn’t notice what forum this was in. Apologies.

I’m pretty sure it can’t be done I’m afraid :(. The closest you could get would be to offer them a list of options as branches in a storylet.