Inheriting the Satisfied Magician

So, with all this talk of passing down obscenely powerful unique guns that you’ve already given to a Power … is it possible to pass down an upgraded officer to your next captain? And if so, and that upgraded officer is the Satisfied Magician, can that next captain build the Serpentine right from the start? Normally I’d test this rather than ask but I’m in the middle of a reasonably successful run and the Magician hasn’t even shown up yet.

Yeah you can do this fairly easily, it’s not even expensive. It gives a nice starting boost but it’s probably long-term smarter to pass along the memento mori and use it to build the even fancier engine.

Or both!

On a related note, though: obviously passing down an upgraded officer can let you skip doing a long/expensive quest line again, but the Magician’s the only one who also lets you easily get the item reward for their quest too - right?

Well, there are only three items, right? And the Memento Mori and Impeller both require a bunch of materials to construct (some of them unique), while the Serpentine just needs echoes and the Satisfied Magician.
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Yeah, the biggest thing with the Magician is luck. Unlike Maybe’s Daughter, you don’t really have much input as to whether he’ll become Urbane or Satisfied, so its mostly a dice toss if it’ll land one way or another. I’d certainly keep him just because there is no guarantee you’ll get him the next game (though the Urbane Magician is good in several regards, he cannot make The Serpentine)

The Urbane Magician is also intensely creepy.

Not that the original magician, or most of your officers, aren’t creepy to some extent in the first place. But.

Yeah, and this is broken.

If you’re playing hardcore, this randomized urbane - satisfied is a total slap in the face.

I spent a lot of time wondering if capturing the serpent in vend was my mistake, but no: just random luck.

Terrible mechanic and you can’t even run a skill check against it.

Now I am curious about Maybe’s Daughter. I have only ever had her emerge or vanish, no third option; but I have also seen that some folk have Lilac on their profile and assume that is linked to this event sequence somehow also? Hmm.

I assume the third option is dissuading her from going at all? Or do you mean third possibility from passing through the Wicket?

I unlocked her by raising Maybe’s chances in ports then introducing her to the Lilac Lady.

Apparently there’s no check there: the check is done once she enters that part of London.

Sorry - too vague :). The discussion of Daughter vs Magician seemed to suggest that (a la the Magician) there might be various possible outcomes of emergence from the Wicket. I have thus far only seen two results, one of which is not emerging, so concluded that there might be some variance in an emerging Daughter. {Other possibilities include the tattoo being important - I dislike tattoos IRL so none of my captains have ever had one, but I can imagine that might affect her reaction to ‘me’]

Hm. The quality level description doesn’t suggest so, but of course that’s no guarantee of anything. How did she react to you and your unblemished skin the times that she made it out successfully?

Checked the code:

It’s like the magician. Random result once she enters >that part of London<

The best outcome is “Maybe’s Rival”, if you don’t get it and you’re playing hardcore, bad luck. There’s zero (0) way to influence the outcome.

Sorry, not complicated.
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