Inflation of price on Bazaar Side-streets

I just had made a decision to expose the Provost of Summerset College and noticed that the price for many items on Bazaar Sidestreet had suddenly inflated. Previously to assemble a book of Hidden Bodies cost me Incendiary Gossip x20, Inkling of Identity x150 and now it is Inklings of Identity x6, Incendiary Gossip x30 and Inkling of Identity x300. Many other items had changed (mostly unfavorably) as well, as if the grind wasn’t bad enough already. Will it change back if I restore my connection to Summerset somehow or will it stay like that for the rest of the game?

I don’t believe there’s any connection with those two. I’ve noticed subtle price changes for the end game components, but those are just due to random balancing and tweaking.

Sounds like this wasn’t the best time to travel to Zee, then =P
Also, rattus faber corpses seem to have been renamed.
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This is very-very upsetting then, as I only got 9 identities uncovered from the whole time I’m playing (~0.5-1 year). I’ve noticed that the grind in this game is such that I’m already forgetting sometimes why I’m grinding, in sense that continued, living story is broken by senseless repetition of actions in order to get required items. If newly changed prices aren’t accompanied by ways to get necessary things (such as Identities, for example) easier, I probably won’t continue to play.

You get Identities Uncovered by converting Incendiary Gossip in your inventory. Most items have a decent source, and you can check the wiki if you’re not sure about how to get something.

I only have about 40 of those, and I need at least 60 for a Salon, so I don’t see how I can get spare any significantly more for Identities.
And as I’m trying to experience the story directly, I’m afraid I don’t use wikis.

It’s fine not to use wikis, but in that case you’ll have to remember that you might be mistaken on how difficult certain items are to get. You can always ask the forums for advice, of course. I suggest using lateral conversions if you know a good source of Mysteries of the Elder Continent or Visions of the Surface, and if you don’t then try using Unfinished Business to get the base item (Proscribed Material) and convert directly up.

Most of the tweakings makes even more sense than before, even if they - sadly - make the items more costly.
They are probably due to the fact that the carousels - for example - to get a whirring contraption - were not used in favour of unfinished business. (Now the carousel is definitely better!)


A-hem. I find collections of curiosities definitely better attainable.

Many of the (mouseover) tool-tips for items now tell you how to acquire them, even on locked requirements where you do not have the item in question.
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Collections of curiosities are still so demanding to get you’re better off with the assassins storyline or archaeology.

Right, but sometimes you end up with spare stuff - and if you’ve the right card, it’s still profitable. (i think 2 actions for about 10 echoes in total).

As a side note, it seems like Authors now only gain 1 NotT per week, instead of 2.

Yes, that’s correct. It’s very well balanced by FBG if I must be honest =)
Thanks for the update on authors as well!

The thing that hit me the most is the sudden requirement of a magnificent diamond for bejeweled lens. No more MW from the royal bethelem for me.

Weren’t carousels always the preferred way to get Contraptions/Collections? I don’t remember the last time I used the sidestreets for anything.

Bejewelled Lens do seem to cost an arm and a leg now. But there are always Heists for MW.

With a high enough Dangerous to get a lot of Lamplighter Beeswax at the candler’s cottage (that was then turned into Phosphorescent Scarabs, before that advanced the Liberation of Night), and with those old Bundles of Oddities that gave 1-8 x Compromising Document that could be turned into Memories of Light, it was slightly more efficient to commission Whirring Contraptions. Or at least I thought so when I did that to get most of the ones I needed for my zubmarine.

I don’t remind exactly the quantities of scarabs and needed for the whirring contraptions, but - yes, i did the same thing as Gillsing (later, you can also use the affair of the box!)

Actually, am i mistaken or Night of the town are a little bit cheaper?

You’re not mistaken =)

The ability to get comprehensive bribes from the Assassins carousel seems to have been pulled. (Exactly when I needed it, too! Curses.) It now rewards collated research. (If anyone from FB is reading this, the tooltip on comprehensive bribes does not reflect this change yet.)

Is there any other way that has opened up to obtain them? Or am I stuck paying the (extortionate, even by the Bazaar’s standards) backstreets price?

Yay! The price is still not really cheap, but it is more reasonable for having NotT as “making waves-freezer.”

For the bribes, you can use the fidgeting writer.
Obtain a Black glass lens and shatter it for the enjoyement of mr.veils.

It is not as fast as if you go to the bazaar, but it give you making waves, and 112.5 echoes of other goods.

[quote=Jenny Fidget]Is there any other way that has opened up to obtain them?[/quote] According to the wiki you can also get Comprehensive Bribes from rare successes when converting certain items (Romantic Notions to Visions of the Surface, and Whisper-Satin Scraps to Thirsty Bombazine Scraps), plus a rare success on a Shadowy 81-118 card (The little people -> Do your best for him). But that would probably take forever.