Infernal machine needed

Might someone perhaps tell me where/how I might acquire an infernal machine? Thank you…

Upgrade your lab, and it will appear as one of the available projects.

Thank you very much, friend.

After you have completed your railway to the last station, Marigold, is there any further use for the infernal machine?

There’s no direct need for it, other than selling it to the Devils on that one Upper River opportunity card.

Note that currently the only way to offload excess Bessemer Steel is to convert them to Tracks first. So you may want to use your Machine for that first before you sell it.

There may be new uses for either or both of these items in the future. Most notably when TLUville content is implemented, which should be in around six months, but also a slight possibility we’ll see something for it in the new Mystery Festival in July.

Yet more evidence that this is a game that rewards hoarders. :D

Thanks, folks. PSGarak, once again, you have demonstrated both your knowledge of this game and your willingness to help others. Thank you.