Increasing Watchful from 113

My watchful is currently 113 and I’m trying to increase it, but I can’t find anything challenging to increase it with. I got kicked out of the University, so I can’t increase it there anymore, everything in Ladybones Road is straightforward, and I’m not sure where else to look. Except for the occasional opportunity card, every watchful challenge I can find is straightforward. I have a ship, but the two places I can get to don’t seem to have any watchful either. Where should I be looking?

If your Persuassive is at a similar level, it might be worth paying a visit to Hunter’s Keep, across the Unterzee. Trust me, your Watchful will get a good workout there.
edited by Patrick Reding on 2/21/2012

There are items you can buy in the Bazaar that will temporarily lower your qualities to make existing tasks more challenging again… :)

I think there are a total of 3 items that will lower all your qualities by up to 20 levels quite reasonably. You can put in some more thought to lower specific qualities even further pretty easily.

Ridiculous Hat (-10 to all), Talkative Rattus-Faber (-5 to all) and Bottled Oblivion (-5 to all). You can use whatever clothing, gloves, or boots lower the stat too if -20 is somehow not enough.