Increasing Shadowy

I have Watchful 112 with equipment modifiers and I am trying to become a POSI. I would like to work on Shadowy but as far as I know all the choices at the Flit and Spite are stealing. I find this rather undignified! So besides cards there are few other options I know of that increase Shadowy. Anyone know of any that aren’t stealing?

-Mr. Hamiltion

Well, if you have Affair of the Box level past Machogany Hall, you could do that, I suppose. But, you don’t really have a lot of choice there, if you don’t want to stea. Depending on how high your Shadowy is, you might want to try and scrape past S check using equipment only,which will require a lot of echoes.

What exactly are the bounds of your ethics? Shadowy skill checks tend to involve dubious activities. But if you think that, e.g., blackmail is acceptable, then there may be opportunities for you. Or if you think that stealing is bad, but acceptable under certain circumstances. Or if your objections of “undignified” are aesthetic instead of moral, there are certain posher types of theft more suited to someone of standing.

It’s not grindable, but a good source of Shadowy is cashing in favors on the Criminals connection card, which gives over 100cp for 5 favors. Criminal favors can be earned from other opportunity cards, for actions which have varying levels of criminal culpability (lying to a constable, blackmailing the Mayor, etc).

Once you become a POSI, there are less-dubious options for grinding Shadowy. You can get a spying hobby, or own and operate your own newspaper. The latter can be done in a completely legal and above-board manner, for people who are into that sort of thing. But the initial hump of getting a POSI and shadowy 110+ is difficult without some skulduggery or justifiable larceny.

BlabberingMat Thank you but I don’t have Mahogany Hall unlocked. But I could try to get at least a better outfit, thanks!

PSGarak I am okay with lying to the constable (it seemed like a pretty small crime,) I might be okay with stealing a few paintings for The Topsy King. For the POSI options, I’m going to be happy when I become one… I like the idea of spying (; . Thanks.
P.S. Do you know if the card for trading criminal favours is the same card for lying to the constables?

-Mr. Hamilton

[quote=Mr. Hamilton]
P.S. Do you know if the card for trading criminal favours is the same card for lying to the constables?

-Mr. Hamilton[/quote]

Yes, it’s the Alleys of London.

You could also find someone to suspiciously loiter with, and burn the second chances for another boost.

Do try to find someone who does not care about Making Waves, or has no use for them.

One of the big score options in the Flit is revolutionary activities, either knocking down a statue or bombing a group of bankers. No theft involved, and your choice whether to murder anyone.

Wilmot’s End is shadowy in part and spying focused but doesn’t unlock until Shadowy 110, if I remember.

Once you’re ready for Mahagony Hall I think that may suit you.

There is an option to part-time as a consulting criminal in the Flit - selling your casing to criminals for a shadowy boost.

Add heists in The Flit which offer, at the end, a 20 CP boost. With 4 (5 is best) card lodgings, 10 Dreaded and Gang of Hoodlums it offers a great EPA.

OP is actually trying to avoid Heists, tho :D

OP is actually trying to avoid Heists, tho :D[/quote]
Yes, but one may change their view on the world! :D :P

If you don’t care about the reward, you could also simply grind Casing in the Flit and then sell it off to a faction of your choice.

In the Flit, shadowing couriers (The Heights of Chicanery) and interacting with the Topsy King and Flit racing (in The Flit and its King) are relatively benign ways to grind Shadowy.[li]
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Wow. That’s a lot of options. Thanks everyone I think I won’t have nearly as much trouble now thanks!

-Mr. Hamilton
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Some Londoners insists that thievery at the Brass Embassy does not count as criminal activity. You may of course see this differently. :)

I consider that thieving, also I have never liked devils. Thanks anyway though.
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[quote=Mr. Hamilton]I consider that thieving, also I have never liked devils. Thanks anyway though.
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I beg your pardon? I consider parting devils from their valuables a most holy rite. To view such species of sacramental larceny as petty theft… Why, that is irreverent of you, sir. Blasphemous, even. For shame!

Would drinking a Bottle of Black Wings Absinthe be helpful in grinding Shadowy?

It gives +5 CP per action. The only problem is the menace increase.

I’m currently trying to find the best way to gain shadowy with the least amount of actions This one seems the best as it only requires two actions (Stealing the bottle -> Drinking the bottle).