Increasing Scandal?

Hi guys. I’m at a level where I’ve seen almost everything the game has to offer, just trying to acquire some of the lost items along the way (a certain Owl cost me a lot of pets).
I am trying to get sent to the tomb-colonies, but I have seemingly forgotten how to get my scandal levels raised up, from something else but random cards.
Is there some action from some location I can do that raises my Scandal? The one time I NEED to raise it, no opportunities come to my mind.
I tried putting on the Scarlet Stockings(which should get me exiled immediately if scandal is at 0), but that seems to work at random, since I made sure I had no scandal at all at the time, and it didn’t do anything but raise it to 1.
So, any help?

The Stockings don’t send you directly, they give you a base Scandal of 1 if you had none at all, in addition to their own bonus.

I did it by going to the Carnival and getting drunk repeatedly. Best way I know of.

If you have a Counterfeit Head of John the Baptist you can kiss it to acquire quite a bit of scandal. Otherwise getting drunk is probably your best bet. Or social actions to help out others with their scandal problems.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 12/6/2012

When it mentions the impact being more drastic if you have it at 0, it means that the 1 scandal you get won’t go away (Basically, if you have any amount of scandal increasing items on, it’ll be at least 1 when you take them all off)

The best way, IMO, is to first get your hands on the various scandal increasing items. The stockings, yes, but also a moddish bonnet and a brass ring. This will have you at +4 scandal. Then, find a friend who wants to lower his own scandal, and have them use you as your dupe. This will greatly raise your own scandal. One or two of these should be enough to get you to 4, which with your +4 scandal in items should send you to the tomb colonies.

The best part about this, is that you can then take OFF your items and be in the colonies with a mere 4 scandal, making it easy to get out again. Just remember to take them off, as they will keep your scandal from hitting 0 so long as they are on.