Increasing Scandal at high stats?

I’m currently at cap for everything, but I need at least two more Tomb-Lions. Currently, in order to reach the Tomb-Colonies I’m wearing some scandalous clothing and drinking Black Wings Absinthe, but I’ll run out of that soon. What other methods exist?

If you have Unaccountably Peckish at 2 or more and want to raise it further for some reason, “Attend and speak of terrible things” at the Shuttered Palace raises Scandal, Nightmares, and Unaccountably Peckish. With Hedonist 12 or more, a Counterfeit Head of John the Baptist can get you sent directly to the Tomb-Colonies. (If you have another Exotica item, you’d have to get rid of it first)

Failing most Persuasive checks will give you scandal. If you have’t been kicked out of court yet, go there and attempt checks wearing items that drops your Persuassive as much as possible (Riduclous Hat, the Rattus Faber who doesn’t stop talking, etc.).

If you wear a full suite of persuasive-lowering equipment (you can probably scrape up something like -20 in total), you can probably accumulate some scandal doing normal high-end stuff like attending a party or browsing the foreign office.

Try to get the following: Red Stockings, Modish Bonnet and Brass Ring. Each of these increases your Scandal while you wear it, and if you have all three, that’s +4. Now, go fail some Persuasive checks, reducing your Persuasive if necessary, and get your Scandal up to 4. Change into your Scandalous gear and you’ll be exiled before you can blink. Removing the gear will also give you a far easier time returning, as you only have to get rid of Scandal 4, not Scandal 8.

If you know the Repentant Forger, posing nude for his paintings increases scandal.

Find friends who have scandal, and get them to use you as a dupe. For a single action, you get 6-7 CP of scandal. Plus you help out your friend, so everyone wins!

Exotica items? Not a category I’m aware of. Would that include the Giggling Mandrake and other Knife-and-Candle-related items? How do you get rid of them?
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Exotica items? Not a category I’m aware of. Would that include the Giggling Mandrake and other Knife-and-Candle-related items? How do you get rid of them?
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It’s those items, yes- the cards where you get them refer to Exotica. The general principle seems to be that they have three options- one grindable, one that loses the item, and one that loses the item and sends you to a place of menace.

Well, “A Rather Decadent Evening” can boost Scandal, as can attending a Scandalous Party on the Townhouse card. If you have a COunterfeit Head of John the Baptist, you can kiss it for a truly large Scandal boost.

If the Empress’ Court is not closed to you, there are a few opportunities while romancing the Barbed Wit/Acclaimed Beauty to do things that will get you sent directly to exile. Likewise at the end of the Empress’ Court Artist-in-Residence storyline.

You can also ask the Kashmiri Princess to sing “Pop Goes the Weasel” at Mahogany Hall or go to the Singing Mandrake in Veilgarden and writing lewd satirical songs about the Grand Hunt of the Devils.

The dupe is still there but the person sending the invitation needs to have scandal 3 before it shows.

Actually, the other person would need Scandal 3 to dupe you.

I really value this card.

It boosts scandal by 2CP, but the real benefit is that it gives you your Scandal level’s worth of Making Waves. So this card is of mediocre value with low Scandal, but when you are 6 or 7 Scandal it becomes a very profitable action!

I personally like to keep my Scandal very high. Flirting with debauchery is a fine art, and will inevitably lead to visits to the Tomb-Colonies. A true Hedonist will consider such trips to be mere inconveniences. Upon his release, he must immediately set to repairing his scandalous reputation.

Anyone need scandal from Neathmas Cards?

The Christmas Cards reduce menaces, so it’s the opposite effect. (Plus this thread is years old - if you’re looking to exchange cards, there should be a thread in the Singing Mandrake subforum.)

Asking people to dupe you generally works.