Increasing Qualities by Increments

So here’s an odd one.

Is there a way to increase or decrease Qualities by fractions of a point? I’m thinking of, for example, how in Echo Bazaar, succeeding in a challenge might only raise you by a fraction of a level. I understand this is completely arbitrary and could be worked around mechanically – I’m just curious.

Check out Pyramid Numbering in the reference docs. :)

Aha! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

No problem!

Question: If you’re using Pyramid Numbering and you have gear that, say, increases something by a certain rating, do you use that thing’s rating and directly add, or does it add to the pyramid-that is, if you add something to a rating 1 thing that adds 9 will you wind up with 10 or with 4? Let’s assume that the item itself would be additive. Would it make a difference whether the item was additive or pyramid?

As in Fallen London, a +N item adds N full levels of a quality, whether it’s a normal or pyramid numbered quality.

So you you have a pyramid numbered quality called Below is Splendid, Go and Look at the Prototype, and you have a Kickstarter Pledge item that gives a +2 bonus. The quality will go up by two whole levels when you equip the item. Change points only apply to the base level, rather than the enhanced level. Does that make sense?

Yep, it’s exactly what I was looking for.