Increasing my "Unaccountably Peckish" quality.

I looked long and hard to see if there where already a thread for this, but I could not find one, which naturally means that there prolly ARE one I just missed, since that’s usually how it works for me, but at least I can say I tried. Anyway, I was thinking about joining in the mad futile search for a particular persons name, and as such I’d like to keep the “unaccountably peckish” quality high, but I was wondering how to do it. The EBz-wiki information seem to be at least somewhat outdated, or at least incomplete. So far, I found a way to do it in the Mirror Marches, which means that I am actively TRYING to make my character go insane (which isnt all that far from what I usually do anyway…)

There are a few methods I’ve found. One of the options going along the “Intimate with devils” storyline offers it, something about giving advice for a banquet. There’s also an option going around the terms in the university, towards the end of the term there’s a luck-based storylet for cricket, where if you win you’ll increase the quality. Also, judging from the text of the storylet, I’d imagine Mr. Heart’s meat counter at the labyrinth of tigers will increase the quality, though it costs 1 fate and is a luck-based with a low chance of success… though, I’d imagine it’s one of those tests where you’re looking to fail (such as the nightmare tests in the place of some confusion)

Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival serves Rubbery Lumps. On a Rare Success, those will increase your Unaccountably Peckish score.

Aah, I have found myself wishing to inflict upon myself that exact hunger recently. Unwise as it may be, if you wish to follow that path and you are known to be of some importance in London there are a few more ways. If you have a ship you can catch a beast of the Unterzee and make homemade rubbery lumps. Though the taste is certainly something that one wishes to forget, it does in fact leave you more hungry than before you started. This option can only be used to get small growls out of you stomach (only level 1), if you search for truely excruciating hunger, you must search elsewhere. Another option is that if you are in posession of your own private library you can reduce your nightmares by falling asleep in a comfy chair by the fire. Sometimes though the dreams are less than pleasent and will, on top of endangering your sanity, leave you with an unaccountable hunger…

Once the hunger takes hold (level 2), you should be unhinged enough to carry out less than appropriate talk at the Duchess’ saloon, which can increase it even further, though, this is of course considered a terrible breach of etiquette…
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You can send Lyme to the market when giving etiquette classes at Mahogany Hall: a failure there will increase your Unaccountably Peckish. Success will lower it, though.

Should you find yourself with a method of obtaining certain “counterfeit” heads of well-known figures, you can leave then next to your pillow while you sleep. The implications of doing so are rather disturbing, of course - I can only appeal to your sanity and suggest you turn back. Somnambulent consumption of false saints is a step to far, and the steps after are, regrettably, even further.

The method I used was to persuade a friend into trading a Starveling Cat back and forth (the cat was not happy) until I reached level… 2, I think. From then on I could attend the Duchess’s salons and speak of terrible things to increase the quality by myself.

The benefit of these routes is that you need neither Fate nor importance. However, I believe you do need some paltry amount of connections with the Duchess to unlock the latter option.
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If you have a Library of Your Own and Nighmares of at least 2 you can try to fall asleep in front of the fire. The unlucky option increases your Unaccountably Peckish.

I got the first point from eating a sea monster at sea, the second from failing at sleeping in the library, and the third at the Duchess’ Salon.

When you’re in the Flit, and trying to learn the secrets of the Wars of Illusion from the local cats, you can try asking the Starveling if you have it. It won’t tell you anything useful, but it’ll increase the quality significantly.

Luke - as part of the ‘Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name’ storyline.

As an opportunity card for the Feast of the Rose, “Sweets for the Sweet” increases Unaccountably Peckish on failure. It decreases it on success, though, so it’s probably only reliable for that first point.

Edit: As does the fail for non-Fate option in “Securing a Table at Dante’s”. (It got me from 0 to 2, so perhaps it’s 3 points for the already Peckish)
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Well, seeing how old this thread is, my reply may be unnecessary. But anyhow, I’m trying to get started on the same task, and have found a good method to raise peckish.

If you are currently embroiled in the war of illusion and can perform Saturday night’s magic show, then try the option to sabotage Peppercorn. It does require that you already have Peckish quality, and the action is a Peckish challenge. So far I keep failing it, but it increases my Peckish every time I fail. So assuming Peckish increase is not capped here, I’ll eventually succeed. I hope that starts me on the name seeking.

Seeking the Name is not available at the moment. We have been told that it will be back but I expect that Alexis and the team are busy with Sunless Sea at the moment so don’t know when. Hopefully soon.

[quote=Mirrorhouse]I hope that starts me on the name seeking.[/quote]Here is a link to a blog post that explains things:

Yeah…just been able to confirm that SMEN is still closed. The “a dream about your home” card does not come with Peckish option now. And sabotaging Peppercorn only increases SMEN if you have SMEN between 3-6. So I guess nowhere to start. But maybe the player-to-player SMEN invites still work.