Increasing "Advancing the Liberation of Night"

Is there a good thread that covers the various and best ways to build the “Advancing the Liberation of Night” value?

I’ve done a lot of searches but most threads postulate about the meaning and lore, and less about the mechanics of increasing the number. Apologies if I had missed the right thread; otherwise, let’s cover that here. I know that there are minor CPs earned by:

Trading Revolutionary favors in the Flit
Converting up Luminosity items
Turning in Revolutionary favors for Renown

I’m sure there are a handful of others within Heists or Flash Lays.

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You’ve pretty much covered it. Almost all actions that give AtLoN only give 1 CP. It took me about two weeks of killing frost moths for the chandleress, and then a week more of upconverting to get AtLoN 50. That’s probably the best way to go about doing if you have a relatively high dangerous. Here’s the entry on the wiki:,_and_wait

Thanks so much for your reply! I appreciate it. I had completely forgotten about that storylet and grind - seems like that happens easily when you get to advanced levels…you can forget some of the things you haven’t used in a while.


I published a ton of whichever of the new works in the Court gives beeswax to work on Poet Laureate, and then converted the beeswax to work on Lib of Night for Paramount Presence. The two meshed well.

i just started the revolution (big score) a bunch of times. it wasn’t the quickest but it was quite lucrative.

@ Taylor - another great suggestion. If one’s Dangerous is high enough, the aforementioned Chandler option might be equal or better.

Can anybody verify the number of actions it takes to complete the “Ode to the Elder Continent” epic poem? That’s the one that gives 6k wax as the reward.


All poems are 42 actions.

Thanks, Optimatum! That verifies that it’s more efficient than the Chandler option (at least at my current Dangerous max).


[quote=Jason5237]Thanks, Optimatum! That verifies that it’s more efficient than the Chandler option (at least at my current Dangerous max).

J-[/quote] Do keep in mind that estimation assumes you are using 15 CP actions to raise Inspired. The Lead, whose only downside is tanking your Austere, is unavailable for poems, leaving your only options as the Decency Evaluator and the Bohemians, both of which will give 1 CP of Suspicion or Scandal, respectively. The Decency Evaluator also requires 50 Foxfire Candles per action, and has a 30% chance of giving 2 Secluded Addresses and no Suspicion, but more often then not it’s going to be -50 Candles +1 Suspicion.

Thank you; this is great information. I have typically used actions that don’t require stats, resources, or favors to fuel them. So raising inspired to 34 in that case would require upwards of 60 actions. It had been a while since I had completed the new works with the return to court - I just did the epic poem last night/this morning to jog my memory.


Using (32^2+32)/2 to calculate the number of CPs needed to get inspired to 32, 15CP inspired per action, one action to start a poem, one action to finish a poem, [color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]giving 6k beeswax to calculate wax per action for poems, and[/color][color=rgb(194, 194, 194)] with (.4dangerous+30) beeswax per action for the [/color][color=#c2c2c2]candler, you would need 329 dangerous to break even with poems.[/color][li]
[/li][li]edit: since it uses all your inspired even though (32^2+32)/2 is not evenly divisible by 15, dangerous only needs to be at 320. 38 actions to get 6000 wax from the poem, or 38 actions to get 6004 wax from the candler. My math might be wrong, I did this in 10 minutes in excel[/li][li]edited by Icedragon9 on 5/4/2018[/li][li]
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