Inconvienced by my Aunt, though not recently

Hi, a little while back I decided that instead of drinking to forget, I’d try and save my lost aunt at the cost of some fate. (

I’ve been at Inconvenienced by my aunt 4 for a couple of weeks, but I haven’t seen anything since then and can’t find a way to progress further with the story. Is there something which might be preventing me from drawing more cards, such as having too high persuasive (80+14), or am I simply missing an item or in the wrong location?

i’m guessing probably the RNG hating you. it should be a standard frequency card

I recently played through this story (I think it’s finished at least?). It played out incredibly slowly over a period of weeks so sounds like you might be having the same problem. I also posted on here wondering whether I’d just missed something, but you just have to sit and wait. It also seemed quite short. TBH I found it quite disappointing. I feel fate locked short storylets like this really need to be dealt out much quicker otherwise you either lose interest or plain forget what’s been going on.