Inconsistent rewards?

Recently, I have noticed that the rewards for various actions can decrease, despite there not being a reason for this. For instance, I had 3 invites to the house of chimes. 2 of them gave me 3 confident smiles. The other only gave me 1. And I just robbed a rat in the spite twice, receiving 40 and 54 fistfuls of surface currency, despite no change in shadowy. Has anybody else seen this problem?

Some actions give rewards in a range - the boundaries of the range might be affected by your relevant stats, but it’s still possible to roll high or roll low. For instance, with Watchful 228, five rounds of &quotA lovely thought&quot gave me 72, 144, 53, 132 and 108 pieces of wax.
edited by Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook on 10/25/2016

I don’t think it’s a problem, a lot of cards can give a random amounts of rewards, like between 10-50 primordial shrieks, for example.

I know some of them can be a range. But I am pretty sure robbing a rat in the spite isn’t. Its Shadowy/2. And every other invite to the house of chimes gave me 3 confident smiles.

I apologise - I thought you were a bit of an old hand not to have encountered variable rewards!

I am not in a position to check (and don’t recall this option) but could it be a &quotrare&quot success?

I doubt it, since it seems a lot more common.

A &quotrare&quot success can be as common as 50%, though?

Its possible, I just doubt it. And it doesn’t explain the rat. Also can you get rare successes for things other players invite you to?

I have been sending Private Rooms nonstop with my alt and it is always 3 Smiles a pop, even just now.

I’m also getting 3 when I do it (Just tested to be sure) it was just one strange result.

They’ve changed how rewards are displayed recently (such as hiding messages about having too many of an item to receive more), so maybe it has something to do with that. IE, the rewards are the same, but messages different.

Idk, I didn’t use any confident smiles and the next house of chimes gave me three. Also there’s no limit on surface currency.