Inconsistent Action Counter

I noticed something very strange the last days:
This usually happens to me in the morning. My actions are at 40/40, more than 7 hours have passed, so they are definetely full.
I then start clicking &quotSet your gang of hoodlums to business&quot, and at the second or third time, it will take up 6 actions instead of five, and the refresh counter starts ticking. It takes 30 seconds to a minute until the &quotmissing&quot action is restored, and refreshing the page does not help.
Does anyone else encounter this behaviour?
I don’t want to write a bugreport yet, because while most of my various addons are deactivated for FL, the problem might be on my side if nobody else has this happen.

Something like this happens to me too. It’s 4 actions now, press any button - 3 actions, and 30-60 seconds countdown. Happens to actions and cards both. All the time. Started a few weeks ago.

I’ve been playing FL for a long time and have seen various timer inconsistencies, on and off, over the years (on Firefox). I’ve never been really bothered by it, and things usually right themselves after the next few browser or Java updates.

I’ve had worse issues on Night Circus: after they removed the action cap, the game was unplayable for months, then suddenly everything was fine again.

So, probably nothing to make a fuss about. Thanks for the answers.

Would be nice if this bug is squashed though.

I say it worsened recently.

I’ve been getting a lot of “something went wrong” errors when trying to use a very fresh action - at one moment the system thinks I have an action, and presents me with unlocked branches, but when I actually try to choose a branch, it fails spectacularly and shows I still have ~30 seconds until the action refreshes.

I think there’s a desync somewhere (maybe between DBs in a cluster?) that causes errors up to a minute.

Same here, Mr Cray. I also find that it is sometimes necessary to click away from the game and then back in, or the candle will not increment and other dynamic errors may occur. Trivial, but annoying, especially if in the middle of something.

– Mal

@Alistair Cray, malthaussen: what you describe sounds worse than the slight issues I sometimes experience. Probably worth a bug report, if only to let them know that this exists!
edited by Rupho Schartenhauer on 10/12/2015

Mr Schartenahuer: I have taken your advice and reported this to Support.

– Mal