Incandescent bookseller?

Seems like there’s a new face in town, card mentions that he helps boost your stats up to 110. If I recall you need to have the related “A name…” at 4 to get one of these stat boosts. Anyone else run into the bookseller yet?

Yeah I met him and got a nice little new Home Comfort item.

Not sure if this is event-related.

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Yep, looks like he came into town today. Got my At the Shores of Midnight, it’s a shame I’m no longer eligible for the extra-illegal top secret military secrets.

I have! very interesting chap, I most say.

I also just had the pleasure of making his acquaintance only to immediately learn he’s leaving town. Hopefully he finds some more lasting acquaintances during his journeys elsewhere.

Opens up shop.
Offers to boost my stats with his devil-books.
Because I’m already maxed out in everything, hands me a random book that does nothing instead
Refuses to explain.