In what should I invest my trade secret?

I just received one today, and I have been investigating, apparently I can use it for 250cp in any of the main skills or I can exchange it for 2 items that sell for more than 60 echoes, so if a veteran player would be so kind as to tell me which option is best for my character I would be very grateful. If you need to know my stats, please ask and specify if I should add the modifiers, of the items I am using, to said stats, thank you kindly.

Personally I would go for the items rather than the stats. If you’re working on writing a Short Story you can also use it to increase your Potential by 25, and it’s currently the only way you can bring your Potential up to 200 for a Classic Story. Not as good as simply spending the 10 actions on a Searing Enigma and Primaeval Hint, but it’s an option.

Edit: If you’re going to try for a Classic Story be sure to bring your Potential up to 150 before using the Trade Secrets.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 5/15/2013

Hmm, I am not writting a story yet. If you would be so kind as to explain me in a PM why it’s important I would be able to understand your answer completely, thank you.

The general consensus seems to be in favour of the items, yes (especially since it’s the only surefire way to get searing enigmas currently). I’d only recommend going for the stats if you’re really desperate to skip though a content block. (And even if you are, there are living stories you can get in the early storylets that will give you similar boosts without making you wait seven weeks.)

I’m saving mine for a short story.

Is there any benefit to producing a classic short story other than the echos from selling it? I did it already and I’m sorta curious whether I’m supposed to sell it for profit or hold onto it for something else.

Bragging rights. Possibly they might be needed for something in the future.

How did you raise your Potential to 200? Or have some people already received a second Trade Secret?

Indeed, I got my second trade secret a little while ago. Should be getting my third soon.