In search of the Keen-eyed lapidary

Having done several tasks for the dear Lady, she let me know that she could make me quite the new shiny stick! And while she called upon me several times while I was still gathering the necessary supplies, I have not seen her since I completed the task. Does anyone know if she has a preference for a certain street?

A Lady seeking shinies!

I don’t believe you can find her again after obtaining the Bejewelled Cane. It would be neat if you could find her working at Empire Adornments after becoming a Person of Some Importance, but unfortunately you cannot.

Ahh, that is the catch. She made the offer for the cane but I haven’t seen her since I acquired my last sapphire. I’ve been lingering around Ladybones Road and the Forgotten Quarter but she seems to have traveled elsewhere.

A Lady still seeking the shiny!

I’m reasonably certain there’s no cap or fixed location. Sometimes cards like this just take a stupidly long time to show up. Be patient, and she’ll return.


That woman is a ne’er-do-well and simply just guzzles gemstones faster than I can. Does she ever make good on her various ‘promises’?

Thank you Sirs, that is indeed what I was curious to know. I shall keep an eye open while pursuing other goals. [color=#ffffcc](Yes I came quite close to saying a keen-eye open)[/color]
A Lady pursuing archaeology

I admit that I keep the lapidary card in my hand at all times just to avoid this situation. The other card I am keeping is the final (I believe) 3-hand-size property card.

I had attempted this actually. With both the cane card and the lofty housing card and they both abruptly disappeared, I was quite sad. (Perhaps at server restart, not sure). Sadly, it has been five days and I’ve missed the good jeweler while browsing the streets.

A Lady with too many goals

When I was negligently clicking and accidentally discarded the lapidary card, it took over two weeks for me to draw it again.

Success! I tripped over the dear Lady leaving my lodgings this evening. My, that is indeed quite bright! Thank you all for the deliciously helpful responses!

A Lady pondering sun-shades