In search of good friends.

Greetings, all.

I am in search of some Acquaintances who will join these well-seasoned but exceptionally modest Londoners as they attempt to understand the madness of the Neath. Those as eager to participate in social actions as myself - as well as the occasional supper and offer of assistance - would be greatly appreciated, as I find it surprisingly difficult to find Londoners who are active and engaged without being far beyond their calibre. Cheers!
edited by Rwf on 8/1/2019

PoSI? I need Notability and have hight BDR. If you help me with grinds (notability, dangerous and shadowy), I will help you. Just send private mesage and I will send you my current profile name.

my fallen london username is the same as mine on here! cadwyn is a philanthropist, a mycologist, and a writer of strange but salacious material! he’s always looking to make more friends :D

Just a tip, adding your profile link to your signature, makes it always easier for others to contact you!

@ MrCandles: My thanks to you!

@ Cadwyn: My dear thanks to you, good man! Expect to be hearing from me soon.

@ Jolanda: Thank you for the tip, but I have done that already; the names are indeed clickable, as I find this to be neater than the ungainly link.

Hi, I would definitely like to add you if you still need friends!