In search of a jewel thief

Of my various romantic dalliances, by far my favorite was my affair with a certain honey-eyed jewel thief. Sadly, the affair ran its course, but one day in Veilgarden I came upon a card asking if I would like to continue our romance. I answered yes, but… I have not seen or heard any hint of him.

In the past, I had this happen with a honey-sipping heiress, but afterwards she turned up again in Veilgarden for a spell. I’ve since been hanging around Veilgarden hoping to run into him. Are my efforts in vain?

Hm, I think you might get another card if you are where I think you are. You’ll see him again, no worries about that.

Check Bazar Side streets. To get him as a Companion you need to play a storylet from there.
The Honey-sipping Heiress, on the other hand, will totally disappear from the game/deck after some time. Her content is not finished.

I don’t think they’re a POSI yet, judging from their journal.

No, I’m still a bit insignificant. It’s strange that I got his card asking about whether I wanted to continue our relationship. This was well after our affair had ended. Does he turn up before becoming a POSI?

It’s just random based on your quality level, so whether you see him again before then is just luck of the draw. If your choices bring the quality down to 2 he’ll show up again in Veilgarden.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 2/28/2013