In Red, Underlined: OOC Discussion

Hey there! So, this is the thread for us to chat and brainstorm for our heist RP In Red, Underlined.

Just two things before we start –

  1. Can we keep both this and the actual RP Teen-rated, please? No explicit gore or smut, and try to stay away from potentially triggering stuff? I just want this to be a safe space for everyone, of all ethnicities and orientations and genders, to have fun! I feel like the FL writers do that really well – their descriptions can convey something truly deep and visceral in so few words, and with such subtlety, giving your mind just enough fuel for your imagination to take over.
  2. Be nice! I’ve seen some unpleasant stuff on the RPF in other places. Here it’s not so bad, even if it occasionally gets strange. One acquaintance told me that they were at a Hallowmas table and got randomly attacked by an ape, which basically turned them off the forums. I’m not trying to call anyone out here, I just want all of us to have fun.

Anyway, I’m bad at long speeches, so just… introduce yourself and your character, post your character sheet, and let’s get to know each other! Here’s to a long and good game ahead!

Player Name: Erem
Character: Telemachia Lee
Gender/Pronouns: Feminine (for character); masculine or neutral (for player)


[ul][li]The Martial Sciences: From childhood, Telemachia Lee has been training enthusiastically in all the arts of war: tactics, strategy, logistics; horsemanship, artillery, navigation, scouting; the command of troops; marksmanship. But her true love is hand-to-hand combat, in which she trains endlessly and engages regularly. This can bias her thinking: if there are multiple solutions to a problem, she will generally opt for the one that involves fisticuffs and explosions.
[/li][li]Audacity: Lee often acts before she thinks, but this generally works out well for her. She has a keen intuition that analyzes a situation quicker - and usually better - than her conscious mind. She’s splendid at reacting to the unexpected, and at remaining alert even when drunk, distracted, or asleep. But she easily becomes bored or impatient with tasks that require long concentration. She’d rather just jump in and figure things out as she goes. She’s also fearless - a trait which can be a problem as well as an asset.
[/li][li]Aristocrat: Lee is of Revolutionary sentiment and will allow no one to call her by her title. She lives among Dockers and acts and speaks like they do. But she carries herself with the unconscious self-assurance of one who was born and bred to rule. There clings to her some hint of the rake slumming. She has good taste and can’t help it. Servants can’t bully her. When the Constables arrive to arrest a group of workers on strike, she sometimes has to demand to be arrested with them. And when she barks an order, people trained to obedience will obey without thinking.
[/li][li]Black Wings Drunk: During her hunt for the Vake, Lee drank enough Black Wings Absinthe to kill a regiment. Her body adapted, and now it can use the stuff. It heightens her senses, pain tolerance, healing factor, and ability to “prowl.” It still, however, gets her drunk. When in need of special fortification, she takes a sip of “the good stuff,” which is freezing cold to the touch and makes an ominous ringing sound when she pulls the flask out of its protective container.
[/li][/ul]Appearance: Tall and athletic, with muscles that pop out when she moves. Black hair cut very short. Cool grey-blue eyes. A confident bearing that verges on outright arrogance. A face of striking beauty that she makes no effort to accentuate. She wears masculine clothing, but expertly tailored or made bespoke to fit her figure; it’s of very good quality but the keen observer will note that it has been frequently (albeit skillfully) mended. Unless the occasion absolutely forbids it, she wears a revolver on her hip, uses a length of anchor-chain as a belt, and has a pair of brass knuckles ready to hand. She has a number of scars and tattoos. Her most recent tattoo is of a double-bladed axe on her left forearm. Her most recent scar is in a place that she’ll only show you if you ask right. She smokes skinny black cigars, drinks like a fish, and ogles attractive women. Despite her habits, she remains surprisingly clean. In particular, her fingernails are always trimmed, and she frequently cleans them with a knife.

Lee has a celebrity look-alike.

Personality: Lee has excellent manners, but she can rarely be bothered to use them. When drinking, brawling and womanizing (often unsuccessfully, in the last case) in low-class establishments, she is in her element, proud, fearless, and brash. When she stops to think, she is cool, reserved, and courteous. On these latter occasions, her aristocratic (if old-fashioned) accent and manners are likely to reassert themselves. Her confidence is real, and rock-solid - except in matters of romance. There, she’s faking confidence, and she often overcompensates.

Lee comes from a long line of Marcher Lords who held a barony on the Welsh border and frequently battled Welsh bandits, from whom they were barely distinguishable. Over centuries of this, the members of this family were bred for war. Her father, Baron Ulysses Lee, was a retired colonel and a widower. He taught his daughter everything he knew - a great wealth of soldiering skill, and precious little else. The villagers muttered that he had gone cracked and thought her a boy, but she adored him and soaked up every bit of knowledge he had to teach her. Unfortunately, he knew almost nothing about women. Her adolescent approaches to village girls were failures and caused significant scandal. Her father always supported her, but after his death, Lee’s aunts became determined to marry her off to some eligible young man. She ran away to join the Army, only to find that they would not accept women. At last she fled to the Neath, to live as a self-proclaimed Soldier of Fortune. (It sounds better than her official title of “Rat-Catcher.”) She’s enjoying the life she’s chosen, but it’s been a lonely one - only recently has she made some real friends.
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Hi! I’m Lia, and I RP as Lady Jen Black. Hope to get to know you guys better!

Player Name: Lia
Character: Lady Jen Black
Gender/Pronouns: Female; she/her (for both player and character)

Knife in the Dark: Jen has a gift for knife fighting, honed by training from childhood. She prefers throwing knives to take her enemies out from a distance, but if the situation calls for it, she’ll get down and dirty in a close fight.
Awesomeness by Analysis: The moment Jen enters a room, her mind starts searching for the exits and how best to get to them if she needs to escape. She can’t talk to someone without sizing them up, determining their threat level, and figuring out how to take them down if necessary. This is excellent when she’s in danger, but not so much when she’s safe at home talking to her friends.
Little Black Book: More like little black room, a place where she keeps her files on everyone important in London and anyone who looks like they have potential to be important.
Cat-Like Tread: Light on her feet and Jen knows it. It’s useful when stealing documents, when assassinating her targets in their own homes, and when she wants to sneak up on people.
Femme Fatale: Beauty, pain, charm, poison, lust and desire are all powerful weapons, and Jen has learned to wield them with the same skill she does her knives.

Tall and athletic, with the slender build of a gymnast. Has thick black hair which she ties up in a ponytail and cold green eyes. An air of danger surrounds her. She stalks around with hunter in every line of her posture. Her bronze complexion and large, upturned eyes suggest ancestry from the Far East – more accurately, India. Pretty in a cold way (marred by a scar across the bridge of her nose and the arrogant smirk she wears) and she knows it, dressing in fitted clothes to show off her figure. She has the audacity to wear trousers everywhere she goes, even to court, and the style to pull it off. Never seen without her dark green coat, which conceals the knives strapped to her forearms and thighs. (If you want a look at her, see here – it’s updated from the original portraits in my bio. This is her celebrity lookalike.)

While Jen enjoys planning and putting her dreams into action, she sometimes dreams too big and fails to consider the consequences of her plans due to sheer arrogance. She is equally willing to use brutality and threats or charm and guile to get her way. A classic Slytherin – ambitious, ruthless and cunning. Her cold and distant demeanour protects her from suffering the pain of betrayal. To those who have won her trust, she will be loyal to the bitter end.

Jen doesn’t talk much about her past. What is known is that when Lord Black was declared innocent after having been imprisoned for years for the murder of his cousin’s family, he left London for a time. When he returned, it was with Jen, widely assumed to be his daughter after he declared her the Black heiress. However, just like him, Jen would much rather be up to no good than conform to society’s expectations. She runs a criminal gang known as the Dregs, an offshoot of a Dutch syndicate. Its legendary leaders, Dirtyhands and the Wraith, have indicated that she is their official successor in the Neath. Rumour has it that she fights just like the twin Assassins who came to London some years ago, although nobody knows for sure.
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Player Name: Hubris is fine, although I more commonly go by Wilco in my wider social circles so that would also do if it saves on confusion.
Character: Mr. Hubris Glamore
Gender/Pronouns: He/Him


Short version

Good at navigating social situations and discreetly fading into the background when he doesn’t require the attention.
Better at causing harm in varying degrees.

To be more specific
Well versed in social etiquette and foreign culture,
Has cultivated good relationships with the staff of noble houses and has an arm’s length connection to the Great Game.
Quite adept at being beneath notice until called upon, as a good butler does.
Attentive to the needs of his employer and potential threats.
Trained in the use of rifles.
Fond of improvising weapons with what’s close at hand.
Extremely dangerous in close quarters combat.

Can also do an excellent job of managing your affairs, ensuring you look your best, the house is tidy and providing a good cup of tea. Sometimes you just need a butler, not a henchman.

A tall man in his late thirties with lithe frame that suggests a more athletic build in the past.
Caucasian and slightly pale with greenish-grey eyes.
Neatly combed black hair with a bit of salt and pepper flecks of grey starting to appear throughout and a short, neatly trimmed mustache and beard.
Usually dresses in tidy suits in unobtrusive and forgettable colours, generally these include gloves, necktie and top hat.

Polite and discreet most of the time. May deviate to viciously polite towards individuals showing unnecessary contempt or open aggression. In private conversation with a trusted confidante or a current client he’ll often speak more frankly.
Puts a lot of stock in keeping ones word and is loathe to do so himself for anything other than an extremely good reason. By the same token he views those that do break their word quite poorly and will often refuse to do repeat business with them.
Speaks with a calm, measured cadence. Notable Swiss accent although you can tell he’s picked up something of the London accent occasionally, usually when he’s speaking phrases or slang he’s picked up in the Neath.

Originally an unremarkable junior butler to a noble house, he became a Swiss diplomat’s aide and came to London as a pawn in the Great Game. After a move in the game by another power wiped out the rest of his circle, he went to ground, finding employment with his skillset intermittantly belowstairs in Society or as an enforcer for less savoury types.
Once this had been going on long enough for him to amass a solid amount of funds, he expended them on an office in the Bazaar Sidestreets and some altogether nicer unobtrusive and tidy suits and opened Silk Solutions, promoting himself as a discreet and respectable Solutions Consultant, something like a sort of mercenary butler. Trading on his resume as a butler and diplomat, he promises confidentiality and discretion.
Organising a complex society dinner party? Call Mr. Glamore.
Need someone to assist a visitor from the surface with London’s culture shock? Call Mr. Glamore.
Really, really want a business rival grievously harmed in a very particular way to send a message? Call Mr. Glamore.
He’ll speak not a word about what he did for you so long as you hold up your end of the arrangement. Professional and discreet.

Other: Between contracts, now that he’s no longer beholden to a particular household or a foreign power, he’s developed something of an interest in esoterica and artefacts, but would much rather consult someone better versed in that branch of the Neath’s mysteries than consider himself more than a hobbyist. A group of his friends once sought the Name. Their fates were enough to convince him its best to get expert opinions on things like that.

Player Name: Anna
Character: The Cosmopolitan/ Cosmo/ Dr Evelyn Beck
Gender/Pronouns: They/ them for character, feminine for player

-The Doctor: trained in surgery and has served as an army medic, and is, therefore, very calm under pressure. Military training (and private-school cricket training) means that they are handy in a fight if needs be, but has always been more of a scholar than a fighter.
-The Detective: Has played for the other side and knows the mistakes to avoid. Observant and very good at noticing small details which could trip up the most carefully formulated of plans.
-The Linguist: Apart from their native English, which they speak with soft received pronunciation, they are fluent in Greek, French, and Persian, as well as proficient in German, Arabic, Mandarin, Sanskrit, and Dutch. Learning the language of the Correspondence. However, quite lacking in the Latin department, much to the amusement of their old Cambridge colleagues. Could be useful if anything needs translating.
-Devil may care: ‘By God, what are they doing. They’ll get themselves killed!’. Usually manages to come out of it with only a few wounds and a little trauma.

Appearance: Here

Personality: Polite and serious. Will be snide when irritated and their veneer of deference starts to crack; their quiet confidence will transform into outright arrogance. Considers themselves to be an upstanding, law-abiding member of society, but is easily swayed by the promise of money, wine, and secrets. Usually quite fatigued, but is cheerful and hospitable with friends.
A doctor on the surface, transferring focus to the history of medicine after leaving the army. Continued to travel in order to research old texts, and consequently met their future wife, an interpreter, in Persia. Had been cooking up a plan to travel to Neath with her after hearing rumours of the Correspondence down below, but didn’t have much choice after being (mistakenly) arrested for her murder. Is now rebuilding academic career at Benthic.
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Let’s get to it then! I’m Demijan (Variation of Damien, pronounced similarly) and my character is a private investigator by the name of Canvas Blank.

Player Name: Demijan
Character: Canvas Blank
Gender/Pronouns: Masculine (both player and character.)

Seeing Without Being Seen: Everything from a rubbery affair in Veilgarden to shady dealings in Wilmot’s End. He knows the rooftops and ropes of London like the palm of his hand; Somewhat of a necessity for a private eye and an Agent of the Great Game, but his natural curiosity allows him the passion for his work. However, since he is not capable of being at multiple places at the same time, he is known to occasionally use the Urchin gangs as his eyes and ears around the city. An expert in gathering information.
Friends in High Places: Valuing the words of the Masters over anyone’s and being used as their lackey, he has acquired quite a collection of useful contacts. Anyone could be a letter away from mysteriously disappearing. He considers the Masters to be close friends, rather than just employers. They probably don’t feel the same way. In any case, he dislikes being called their &quotpet&quot.
An Extraordinary Mind: Being a newly-made Extraordinary Mind, he can think his way out of a tight situation. A quick thinker-- deductive, observant, logical; Probably knows more than he lets on. He is fascinated by Mirrors, the Fingerkings and all things Parabolan, but is far from an expert in the field.
Wilmot’s Regular: He is a spy. He does have a lovely, luxurious reservation at the Royal Bethlehem, yes, but he attends to the more secretive business in his shack-like residence in Wilmot’s End. There, he can feel at home. Of course, having a home in Wimot’s End does come with a set of terribly useful neighbors.
Murder Most Subtle: He may not be trained in direct confrontation, but that’s only because he prefers the more subtle methods. Whether it’s flavoring someone’s coffee in Caligula’s with a drop of questionable substance from the rooftops, a seemingly regular pencil containing more than just ink, or a swift break of a neck from behind, he does it flawlessly and without a trace.

Slightly taller than average and broad-shouldered. His messy brown hair compliments his wide, emerald-green eyes, surrounded by circles which may indicate sleeplessness. However, his posture is surprisingly energetic and he rarely appears tired. He is prone to wearing long overcoats and fedoras (As you would imagine a private investigator or a detective wearing) and you will most likely never see him wear the classic Londoner’s top hat or an expensive suit. Other than that, he doesn’t appear to have any distinctive features or scars. Except, maybe… are those encrypted tattoos, crawling from his back to his shoulder?

When alone, he tends to be quiet, pensive, lost in his thoughts-- some would even say melancholic. In company, however, he is relaxed, cheerful and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He has a light sense of morality; A trait many would consider a handicap in the Neath, especially for an agent of the Great Game. He is far from being an unfeeling killer and dislikes needless brutality and direct confrontation, but he himself has taken part in an awful lot of poisonings. The kind of person that will rather make a deal with an enemy which benefits both sides than shed blood, but is still ready to pull his sleeves up when needed.
He doesn’t like to talk about it - However, certain details can slip his tongue after a glass or eight. He claims that he came to the Neath after his divorce on the Surface, looking for &quota fresh start&quot, which is why he has been breaking off every contact with the world above ever since his descent (including his real name). It hasn’t been easy, though; He misses the Surface greatly and he has developed a Sunlight addiction during his time in London. He didn’t come here to seek revenge, authority, power, wealth or love-- He came down here out of sorrow. He certainly does a great job hiding it, though.

Weaknesses: (It only seems right to list them if there’s a Skills list.)
Face-to-face confrontation, brawls, duels.
A crippling and self-destructive addiction to Mirrorcatch Boxes.
Has a moral code.
Too relaxed for his own good, will not constantly be on high alert.
Sensitive to the subject of his past life. Best not mention it.
Heavily set on keeping his Surface-given life intact and not going through temporary Neath-death.
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Player Name: Sophie

Character: Anactoria St James

Gender/Pronouns: Feminine (for both)


Indomitable Will: Although Anactoria can be insecure or shy, she possess an iron core of determination that she uses to plow through adversity, fear, and pain. When she truly desires a thing, circumstances may stop her, but she will not stop herself. Someday she will read Henley’s ‘Invictus’ and will memorize it immediately. A sub-skill in this category is Exceptionally Intimidating Steely-Eyed Stare.

Gentle Kindness: Anactoria has a very soft spot in her heart for animals and children (especially Urchins, now that she is in London); sensing this, they are dawn to her, they are easy and happy in her company. This makes her happy; as does the fact that most animals in the Neath speak! Having grown up on an English farm, she knows a good deal about animal care, training, and handling.

Athleticism: Anactoria is blessed with natural agility, strength, and endurance; she enjoys and cultivates these natural aptitudes through running, climbing, swimming, and riding. Soon she’ll discover Shroom Hopping and will rival the Turkish Girl’s ability. While not a hardened combatant, she’s learned enough about fencing and fisticuffs to be formidable in a scrap.


Age: ~18

Height: 5’6”

Build: Mesomorph

Skin color: Pale but with a hint of olive.

Eye color: Ebony

Hair: Dark chocolate; thick, full, slightly wavy; often somewhat disheveled; most often worn in a casual ponytail.

Face: Anactoria is possessed of an extraordinarily cute visage (especially her button nose).

Voice: Bright and clear with a accent from northern England. She enjoys singing.

Usual clothing style: Simple and functional, her clothing is a bit worn but it is well cared for. Commonly, Anactoria wears something akin to a riding habit of dark grey. Currently, the number of items in her wardrobe is limited.

Other:. She moves with an easy kinesthetic grace.

Personality: In public, Anactoria is often serious, terse, and hard-edged (but see Gentle Kindness above). New to London and intimidated by the place and its denizens, she weaves this protective façade to cover her insecurity and inexperience. Privately, although shy, she laughs and giggles easily and talks rather faster than her mind can frame her thoughts. Below it all, however, an iron core of determination and fierceness lies within.

She is naïve to the ways of London specifically and, to a lesser extent, the world in general.

While not necessarily strictly law abiding, goodness is important to Anactoria. Robin Hood is her favorite hero. In AD&D-speak she is Neutral/Chaotic Good.

Backstory: (an epistle to give some flavor while I continue developing her past)

Dear Sister,

So, you actually made it to London! I’m impressed. I am also delighted to know you are out of New Newgate. I was working discreetly with my lawyer to have you released—I could not be too directly involved, you understand—but you managed to get out yourself. Bravo! You’ve always been such a resourceful girl.

Now then, how are you finding London? It’s a bit different from Cumberland isn’t it? Are you hot on the trail of whomever it was that killed our dear cousin … well, your dear cousin … you know what she was to me.

In all events, I’ll send a landau around to pick you up this evening. You and I can have dinner, just like old times, and you can catch me up on everything.

With all my affection,


Player Name: Spooky
Character: Lady Caroline Karnstein of Styria
Gender/Pronouns: My PC and I are both women, she/her

Caroline is a talented artist, writer, and poet. Moreover, she is known for being charming, ingratiating, and intriguing. They say few are quite the same after meeting her. She is more known for her raw abilities than great skill. She is strong, for anyone much less a woman and quick. An agile climber with very sharp senses. She is less a talented fighter than someone stronger, faster and heartier than most of her competition (outside the tomb-colonies, anyway), as a detective she is as march sharp senses as a trained eye, she is less an expert at stealth than someone utterly soundless the shadows tend to cling to like cobwebs. This puts her on par with people with similar skill, but not above. A true master thief knows tricks she does not, for example. She is too much of a dilettante to apply herself to actually mastering much besides art, literature, conversation, and seduction.

Appearance: Caroline has pale, almost consumptive looking skin, and long, thick midnight black hair. Her eyes are sunken in her face and a piercing green that often catches the light like a cat’s. Her nose and the shape of her eyes almost a little hawkish, high cheekbones. She is average height for a Victoria n lady, and almost always wears black or dark purple dresses and silver jewelry. She is neither particularly thick or thin. Her breathy, contralto voice has a chef’s salad of an accent with strongly detectable French, German, and Slavic elements, a keen ear might even detect Italian. To the more discerning ear the Slavic accents are more central European; Czech, Slovene, Croat. All this is mixed and seasoned with a Dietrich purr.

Caroline is not beautiful per se. She is however alluring and memorable. She draws the eye even from across the room, and is hard to look away from. Long after a conversation one might see her face when they close their eyes, or see her in their dreams, perhaps after being lulled to sleep by a half-heard sultry purr.

Personality: Caroline is friendly and ingratiating, helpful and seductive. She is vocal about being homosexual. Down here she is especially well known among Society, the Great Game and especially the Bohemians. However, one finds other groups from Constables to Criminals, Dockworkers to Tomb-Colonists, have a lot good to say. It seems almost any faction in Fallen London has her fingerprints on them, showing her influence; of course, the same almost seems true of corsets. Hell seems the only ones she has not cultivated. Caroline is a member of the Parthenaeum and House of Chimes (the latter of whom let her in for being “privately talented”), runs the Salon The London Labrys for women, has a newspaper of the same name, and is known in Veilgarden as one of the most notorious Nocturnals the Neath has ever seen. Her output is prodigious, and she spends a lot of time musing others, especially other Nocturnals.

Backstory: To hear her tell it, Caroline was chased down into the depths of the Neath by “An angry mob of husbands, fathers and brothers” but she is elusive about the facts. She was born to a noble family in Austria and claims to be a Countess. Her hometown in Styria does not exist anymore, she says. After a stint in jail early on for trying to steal Hesperidean Cider, she has become a fixture in the Palace and Veilgarden, and commonly seen in the Flit and Mahogany Hall.

Other: Persistent rumors suggest Caroline is more than human. Particularly those who claim to have seen her scale a building without help or lift a small hansom over her head. The jury is out on the truth, but a number of rumors claim Caroline’s actual backstory can be found in the fiction section of your local booksellers.
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Player Name: Slyblue (Or just Sly!)
Character: Michael Barrows
Gender/Pronouns: Male/He/Him (Character), He/Him or She/Her (Player)


  • Light Fingers: A lifetime on the rooftops inevitably cultivates a bright curiosity for objects that aren’t necessarily your own. Objects that you might borrow, now and then, and conveniently forget to return, unless they fetch a lower price than you originally thought. Now, years after graduating from the Flit’s school of petty robbers, pick-pocketing is no longer a necessity, but a hobby. One he happens to be particularly good at, if his hoard of stolen, tear-stained letters, encrypted messages and low quality jewels is to be believed.

  • ”Oi, long’uns!”: In the far corners of Wick Street and Hobbe Lane, there once was a red haired youth with a funny accent. He would sit in the shadow of the rookeries, hiding behind a long, funny gun, with a tooth-gaped smile and a keen eye for vital spots. The urchin gangs seldom forget their own. The Naughts, in particular, remember their most skilled sniper fondly. Even if he’s gone and made himself “respectable” now, they know – His skills have only gotten better since he left. (Tch. The youth of today. Yesterday. Whenever.)

- Clear Eyes, Clear Mind: Sometimes the Wind talks to people. Sometimes it tells them to drop rocks, shoot, or poison other people. It’s okay if the Wind tells you to do it. Michael believes the Wind will talk to him, one day, when he’s ready to receive its message. In the meantime, his sense of “right” and “wrong” are usually dictated by the circumstances, which doesn’t leave much time to overthink most situations. It is what it is, and it will be done. Why worry about it?

- Weasel Whistler: Some people believe weasels are clever enough to speak, and wise enough to know not to. Through a rather obscure system of whistles, murmurs and strategic feeding, Michael has almost managed to understand their curious, silent language, and get a selected few to perform small tasks for him. Do they see him as a leader? A father figure? A human slave? You might just have to ask them yourself.

(Short version: Master Pickpocket but slightly distracted by shiny stuff, basic urchin skill-set (and connections) + good sniper, doesn’t dream/can’t remember his dreams, morally ambiguous, has a small spy network made out of weasels.)

Appearance: (Face reference) Above average height (Around 175 cm), compact build (Toned, not particularly big), pale and lightly freckled skin. A jagged scar splits his forehead in two, running down the right side of his nose, but is partly hidden by his curly mop of reddish brown hair.
Can be usually found wearing workmen clothes that never fit him quite right, unless the occasion demands for a nicer outfit. -Then- he can be found tugging nervously at his collar and eyeing people’s clothes with open dismay.
His fingers are stained with black, both underneath and around his bitten nails, and seem unlikely to get cleaner. A tell-tale sign of his daytime job as a printer.

Michael wears his heart on his sleeve, and is completely unrepentant about it. Irrespective of the mood of the conversation, he will usually voice his opinion without considering how this might affect the ones around him, as most social cues fly right over his head. While this hasn’t earned him many friends on the card tables, his friends know he is sincere and means well – even when he’s being a bit too blunt about certain…delicate matters.
He is also rather vocal when it comes to defending the urchins’ (and his own) junk-shop religion. They venerate the wind: they have a prayer for every breeze. Questioning Storm’s motives, whatever they might be, is a painfully easy way to ruin his opinion of you.

He was plucked from an orphanage at a young age, and spent most of his early years living with a Scotswoman and her family. That much, he can remember. He also remembers a few Gaelic words and uses them sparingly, as his mother would, but otherwise has no connection or interest when it comes to the Surface. There is a small but noticeable gap between his early years and the day he joined the Naughts, which he refuses to elaborate on – choosing instead to focus on the gangs’ eternal rivalry and the finer details of pushing large rocks from tall buildings.

Other: Apologies in advance to anyone who knows how actually write phonetic Scottish accents ;; I’m trying my best, I swear!
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It’s awesome to see what you guys have come up with! I think we’ll have quite the caper crew here :)

I know everyone is going to be really busy over the holidays, so I’ll just post a couple of stuff I hope you guys can think about before we start the actual RP?

Who are the targets of the heist?
I figure everyone will have different opinions on this. Here’s a tentative list I drew up, and spoilers for Neathy lore ahead:

Definite targets

  • London’s newlyweds. I don’t think anyone actually likes Feducci or the Princess, and even if you did, they’re so full of secrets that are just begging to be uncovered! Think of all the evidence and mysteries in their chambers! Also, they’re rich and getting married, and who wants to bet they have wedding presents there? IC reason: Jen holds a grudge against the Princess for trying to feed her to her sister, and even though being held in esteem by the Generous Princess is nice, it doesn’t make up for being, you know, eaten alive.[/li][li]The Duchess. Her backstory and her cats are fascinating and I feel like she’d have a lot of secrets (and makeup) in her chambers. Also, it provides a lot of potential for stories involving the Second City, Parabola, and the war between the cats and the Fingerkings. IC reason: Jen knows about the Cantigaster, and she wants to find out more.[/li][li]The Widow (Gracious, not Soft-hearted). Again, she has a fascinating backstory and lots of potential if you want to write about the Fourth City. IC reason: she and Jen are business rivals, and Jen would like nothing better than to have some confirmed information on her.[/li][li]The Veteran Privy Councillor. Because he’s a jerk who doesn’t pay child maintenance, gets up-and-coming artists kicked out of court, and nobody likes him.

Possible targets

  • Mr Inch. We have animal handlers on the team, breaking into the Labyrinth of Tigers sounds like a possibility.[/li][li]Mahogany Hall. Good for stories about the Wars of Illusion and Parabola.[/li][li]The Masters and/or the Bazaar if you’re in a risky mood. I’m not too keen – it’s OOC for Jen to do that – but if you guys are interested, I’m open.[/li][li]The Royal Bethlehem. I’m including it simply because it seems wrong to leave it out when you’re writing about almost all the other monarchs who made deals with the Masters to save their beloved. You could probably create a plot about the Fallen Cities, the Masters, the Bazaar, and the deals made. Truthfully, I have no idea what we’d steal from there, though.[/li][li]The Clathermonts. Possible storyline involving the Great Game.[/li][li]The Brass Embassy. Jen alternates between living there and at her townhouse, it doesn’t really make sense for her to rob her home, but if you guys want to, I’m fine with that too. Might be a good storyline for any Shepherds of Souls.[/li][li]The Foreign Office. Not only do you open up stories involving the Great Game, you also get to discuss the Face, the Teeth, and the Vake. Not to mention, Snuffers as enemies would be interesting.[/li][li]The Cheery Man. Mainly for IC reasons for Jen – despite being a business rival, a part of her hopes that when his criminal empire falls, he can retire and reconcile with the Last Constable and stop his life of crime.[/li][li]The Ministry of Public Decency and/or the Museum of Mistakes – as suggested by Shy! It seems like a cool idea :D

That’s all I have, but feel free to add to the list! And if there’s anyone you don’t want to steal from, we can probably work something out.

How/When are we going to start the RP?
Is the 27th okay? It’ll be after the Christmas season so we’ll all have more time.

I propose that I’ll open up the thread with a post introducing Jen’s character and showcasing her skills, which will end with her going to gather a crew for a job. Then, you guys can post your introductory scenes, which can maybe conclude with being approached by Jen so the story is tied together? Once all the introductions are made, then I’m thinking of a scene at Jen’s townhouse where everyone meets each other and she presents her proposition for the heist.

Do you think that works? I’m totally open to brainstorming and suggestions!

Anyway, just let me know what you guys think!
edited by Lady Jen Black on 12/23/2017

OH hey look the OOC! And Lady Karnstein, as well as my buddies Sly and Erem! snugs people I was wondering where this was. ^.^

…And I need to do a proper char sheet, don’t I? Joy. Please bear with me, this has been just an awful week. Month. Soemthing like that. mumbles If you want a sneak peak, I intend to use Nikki, because she’s just so much fun. ^.^ Assuming Jen’s okay with that, of course.

I’m in favor of stealing from the Privy Councilor. Alternatively, Clathermont, and the Foreign Office. Mahogany Hall sounds like a lot of fun. Nikki would TOTALLY go break into a tiger-run labyrinth just to steal something. She’d also suggest trying to steal the Merry Gentleman’s bright buttons, just for teh lulz. I’m sure she can think of something interesting to steal there, never fear. She actually is against stealing from the Duchess, but then they get on well enough. Mostly she likes the cats. She likes Cheery, but that wouldn’t stop her from helping a heist. She’d apologize though.

You know where Nikki wants to run a heist? The Ministry of Public Decency. All those prohibited materials! The secrets, the possible conspiracies, the potential that there might be something that will change things forever…who’s game?!

[quote=shylarah]OH hey look the OOC! And Lady Karnstein, as well as my buddies Sly and Erem! snugs people I was wondering where this was. ^.^

…And I need to do a proper char sheet, don’t I? Joy. Please bear with me, this has been just an awful week. Month. Soemthing like that. mumbles If you want a sneak peak, I intend to use Nikki, because she’s just so much fun. ^.^ Assuming Jen’s okay with that, of course.[/quote]
Of course I am! Every heist needs its comic relief. But seriously, Nikki’s adorable and I’d love to see more of her.

[quote]I’m in favor of stealing from the Privy Councilor. Alternatively, Clathermont, and the Foreign Office. Mahogany Hall sounds like a lot of fun. Nikki would TOTALLY go break into a tiger-run labyrinth just to steal something. She’d also suggest trying to steal the Merry Gentleman’s bright buttons, just for teh lulz. I’m sure she can think of something interesting to steal there, never fear. She actually is against stealing from the Duchess, but then they get on well enough. Mostly she likes the cats. She likes Cheery, but that wouldn’t stop her from helping a heist. She’d apologize though.

You know where Nikki wants to run a heist? The Ministry of Public Decency. All those prohibited materials! The secrets, the possible conspiracies, the potential that there might be something that will change things forever…who’s game?![/quote]
We’ll be making a lot of house calls… wouldn’t be a list of names without multiple targets! And I can’t believe I forgot the Ministry – how does a hit on the Museum of Mistakes sound? I’ll be adding that to the list!

The Duchess is relatively likeable, isn’t she? But just think of all the secrets she has! Maybe the folks who don’t want to steal from her can be doing a heist somewhere else?

I have two suggestions, as all of the other proposed targets are largely covered. The Masters sound like a scary time, but part of me is now picturing the door to Mr. Stones’ vault like a monolith.

I nominate February. The woman takes such glee in her murderous collection of plans and the thrill of schemes and counter schemes I feel she’d honestly be offended if she heard about this after the fact and she HADN’T had a move made against her.

My only other suggestion is Dr. Orthos. The man is already essentially an outright pirate masquerading as an academic. There’s a lot of potential treasure and hoarded knowledge to be had there.

Caroline will have IC issues with robbing the Duchess. She tries to cultivate her good graces and is well-known to her cats. She has sat in with her cats court and gotten covert assistance from her. The Duchess almost seems to feel guilty or something when dealing with her. She could possibly be talked into it, or sit out that operation. I have no OOC issue with it, and if she sits it out IC I am willing to deal with that. It’s possible to talk her into it, though, if someone is silver tongued enough, but it would be a very hard sell.

Brass Embassy- Caroline is a Shepherd, if that is a plot point that could be useful. She has reasons that go beyond pure altruism, but altruism is a factor. She might be reluctant to reveal that around sprifters though. Obviously she would be happy to rob it, she robs it all the time. Seriously.

Foreign Office: Caroline is thick as thieves with the Teeth if that is a factor.

Only issue with the Royal Beth is Caroline lives there and it would risk her lease.

Others she is okay with to enthusiastic about. Mahogany Hall could be an issue depending on who is being robbed, she is intensely loyal to the Bohemians, but with the wars of illusion it is possible to rob there without running afoul of her allegiances, and I mean they could just rob someone nasty who has stepped on her friends toes on the way up.
edited by Lady Karnstein on 12/23/2017

Most of Lee’s loyalties are to people who aren’t worth robbing. She is a Revolutionary, but she doesn’t mind hurting February. In fact, she recently completed the Nadir, and has mild grudges against February, Virginia, and Dr. Orthos. She respects the Duchess and likes the Cheery Man, but she’s not one to let sentiment get in the way of business. Anyone rich and powerful has dirty hands and the means to defend themselves, and is therefore fair game. She would be particularly excited about robbing oppressors like Mr. Fires and the Ministry of Public Decency.

OOC, the Museum of Mistakes is a delightful target, full of overcomplicated but lethal traps. The Veteran Privy Councilor is a fun target because everyone hates that guy. I’m trying to think of someone else whom everyone hates … How about the VPC’s identical twin, Slowcake’s Amaneunsis? He may not have much, but Slowcake’s collects information on every important person in London. The target there might be the Special File for the information that Slowcake’s has decided not to publish - which would be rich blackmail material. It would be an alternate Devil-related target if you don’t have the stones to go for the Embassy, Black. (Shut up, Lee, this is OOC. Sorry, folks, she’s mouthy.)

[color=#c2c2c2]Hello everyone! I’m happy to join you all. I’m not very experienced with RPing on forums, but I’m sure all shall be well. Without further ado,[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]
Player Name:
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Character: [/color]Viric/Viric Voice
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Gender/Pronouns: [/color]He/Him for both player and character

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Skills/Abilities: [/color]

  • Illusionist : Viric is tied to the Glass—illusionists of the Mahogany Hall. As long as there are mirrors nearby, he can trick the minds of unaware people with life-like images.[/li][li]Prediction : Venturing into Parabola even just a little allows you to see what Is-Not, and thus try and deduce what Is. This helps Viric to predict behaviours and happenings—not very accurately, but it can help.[/li][li]Cloaked : Viric is not a man for confrontation. He is neither a very skilled fighter nor a brute, and thus prefers to hide when needs be. Under his large cloak, he can sulk for hours in the shadow.

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Appearance: [/color]A tall (1.90m/6’3&quot), thin man, cloaked in a large and light cloak. He has two piercing viric-green eyes. He looks young—in his twenties. The finer shape of his body is masked by the cloak. His voice is deep and attractive, and he is prone to bouts of singing. His face seems hardened by life.

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Personality: Smooth, he likes to play with words and with people. He seems to sleep very little, plagued with nightmares; sometimes, he wakes and looks North for a minute or two. He lights candles on his windowsill.[/color]
He knows London in and out, and thus is not surprised by its oddities. He is very protective of younger people, especially urchins.

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Backstory: [/color]Mentored by Dr. v. Marsong, his patron turned mad and gone North, Viric was groomed for London. However, when his teacher suddenly disappeared, he found himself alone and wanting in the streets, with the doctor haunting his dreams. To avoid the horror of hunger, he aligned himself with the Urchins, from whom he learned a lot about the secrets of the Neath. He was always passionate about Parabola and mirrors.
When, having joined the Glass, he tried his first illusion, he disappeared for a few days. When he came back, his green eyes shining with viric light, he felt ready to lead his own life and try to rid himself of his former patron.

Just a few quick notes from Anactoria’s IC perspective re: targets.

She very much dislikes Feducci and would be appalled if she knew the Princess tried to feed people to the royal family.

Since the Duchess protects cats and since Anactoria is ever so fond of cats, she would not participate in a heist against the Duchess.

The Widow is absolutely fair game given her ill use of Orphans.

She doesn’t know about the VPC, but if she would totally rob him if she learned about him being a dead-beat dad.

Not Mr Inch: why take animals from someone who cares for them???

Mahogany Hall, the Royal B, the Clathermonts, Museum of Mistakes [ooc I’m fascinated by this place], Foreign Office, Ministry of Public Decency: to Anactoria these all seem like normal(ish) businesses/government offices, she’s not interested in robbing them.

The Masters/Bazaar: she doesn’t know enough to have an opinion one way or another.

Cheery Man: Anactoria likes the Last Constable and would certainly go in against the Cheery Man.

The Brass Embassy: Very scary … but she would do it to liberate souls.

A few notes for targets aswell:

Feducci and the Princess is fair game, no particular desire to, but no opposition.

Given the war between cats and snakes, Viric would be glad to rob from the Duchess.

The Widow is also a great target for him, as he’s aligned with the Urchins.

Mahogany Hall is fine as long as we target the Shroud.

The Bazaar/Masters are off-bounds for Viric : he respects the Bazaar’s plan.

For all the other targets, he is not particulary opposed nor interested. As long as the pay is good, he’ll do it!

IC, Cosmo agreed to do this because they want to find out more about the Duchess’ history and the cantigaster. I absolutely second the ministry of public decency, as there are things there that my character would rather like to get back, and the museum of mistakes, because it would be a fascinating target. Cosmo is rather fond of the Last Constable, so would happily take part in a heist on the Cheery Man, even if they didn’t feel there was much to be gained from it.
IC, I’m indifferent to most of the other targets, but would take part. While tempted by the opportunity to raid the Masters, it would be the only target that Cosmo is really wary of, so it probably would be OOC for them to agree to that one.
If I may tentatively add a suggestion, could Summerset be a potential target? I’d imagine that any character that’s completed the University story line would at least like to cause some material damage, whichever conclusion they chose. And, of course, it is the richer of the two Universities, so there’s more for the taking. As Cosmo’s loyalties are firmly placed in Benthic, they would rather focus solely on Summerset.

Michael really admires everyone’s deep and meaningful reasons to go after certain targets, and can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed about not having one, himself. As long as it tells a good, truthful story (and makes some money on the side), he’s in. Being born and raised in the Neath makes you immune to certain kind of wonders, apparently.