In need of a seeker

My dear friends, I like many others among you have no doubt known of The Name for some time now and the Seekers that hunt after the name. I wish to join their ranks, what I’m to be brought into the folds of the hunt in exchange for advancing one of you poor fool’s &quotMarsh-Mired in Dreams of Sustenance.&quot God knows why I want to but I want to seek with all you poor unfortunate souls.

Well, uh, I have bad news for you
Seeking hasn’t been active for about three quarters of a year; no one gets in, nobody goes forward. Although you can get out, I guess.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the SMEN content is currently disabled, pending an official rework of some of the buggier and less functional elements. You can read more here:

We await its return. Eagerly.

(Yes, many Fallen Londoners are crazy. You might have noticed.)

Bah, don’t let the others fool you. You don’t need some fancy official storylet or special betrayls to be a seeker. Seeking is a lifestyle that no one can stop you from living. With a dream in your heart and a starveling cat at your side (and possibly generous helpings of bottled oblivion) I’m certain you can reasonably approximate the seeking experience. All it takes is a little creativity and an obsessive drive to seek out new and interesting forms of self destruction. Try a little challenge, for example, how many times can you gain 77 searing enigmas only to sell them to the bazaar for a fraction of their base materials value? Haha, you see such fun as this can still be had even in these darkened times of ‘hiatus’.

Anyone have any suggestions of seeker like activities that one can participate in right now? Hell grinds, pointless wastes of rare materials, inefficiencies beyond compare, and even ideas like quailities to grind or items to hoard, tell me below. I’d love to hear some creative ideas.
edited by NiteBrite on 10/13/2014

Do the expedition to the cave of the nadir with exactly 60 supplies. Don’t spend fate to get more if (when) you fail.

Acquire a murder of mystic and devious raven advisors. Make sure you have a scuttering squad first.

For that matter, sell your scuttering squad.