In Need of a Great Quantity of Wine

Gentlepersons of London! I have found that it would be very much in my interest to become one of the favored few allowed free access in and out of the Shuttered Palace. The only problem is that I have an alarmingly low stock of wines (116 Greyfields 1869 and 202 Greyfields 1882, to be exact) which comes nowhere close to the cursory donation that the Palace requires. Seeing as I also have matters to attend to in Wolfstack Docks and it appears that the only efficient way to gather the necessary Surface Currency is by trading favors with constables in the palace, I would prefer to gather the required drinkables rather quickly, but as far as I can tell, there is no way to do so that does not involve a distressingly long grind, or a great number of hard-earned Echoes going into the bowels of the Bazaar. Most of my stats are in the mid-to-high 70’s (my highest is Shadowy at 93, counting stat boosts), and I have access to the Flit and the Forgotten Quarter. Any advice?


Simple answer: Go over the source pages and find a storylet you feel like grinding.

Simplest option: find a good money-grind and/or other storylets whose output you can sell, and buy it. That’s one of the methods I’m using to get a nice ship.[li]
ETA: Looking it over myself, robbing a rat in Spite might help with the currency, especially considering your high Shadowy.
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Use the Ways of the Shuttered Palace card to get a temporary visit, trade in your Constables connections to get the currency. To acquire enough wines, there’s a Mr Wines Sale card that trades romantic notions for greyfields that is pretty handy.

[quote=Fulcrum45]… (my highest is Shadowy at 93, counting stat boosts)[/quote]You lucky burglar, you! You can bring your Shadowy down to 78, step up to entertain the Topsy King, dress up to bring your Shadowy back to 93, and then entertain the Topsy King with one of your bats. That’ll bring in a healthy profit that you could spend on whatever you like. One of those bundles is like 50 Greyfields 1882 or 100 Greyfields 1879 or 35 Surface Currency. I don’t think you’re going to find an easier method in your current situation. (Other than trading in connections during a temporary visit, but then you already spent time building those connections.)