In need of a friend to rid myself of nightmares

Hullo, fellow denizens of the Neath. I am in need of a friend to help rid myself of nightmares… At present they are at 6, with my goldfish being the only thing keeping them from 7. I worry that losing my sanity to the things which I have seen will rather hamper my progress as a detective. Though I have tried laudanum, I fear it and the scandal it can bring with it, and warm wine at the carnival only inflicted another menace upon me. I am quite willing to help in any way in return, though my skills are in persuasion and watchfulness.
I can be found here:
Thank you,

RandomWalker, Stroller, and Third Walker are all nightmare-free at the moment, and would be willing to take up some of your burden.

I am in some dire need of nightmares I will take them all friend.

If you’ve got nightmares to share, send them my way. (I could put the Tales of Terror to good use.)

If you don’t mind taking on the occasional point of scandal/nightmare/suspicion from me, I’ll happily attend to any and all menaces you send my way. My name is the same in the game as on the boards; please feel free to add me. If you send me a Calling Card, I will accept, and you’ll have the option to initiate some more substantial activities. (No, not romance or marriage. But, you know, maybe a nice meal here and there.)