In need of a bit of tech support

I have looked all over the shop, and I have not found a &quotproper&quot support forum, so I figured I’d post this here. If the moderators move this somewhere else, that will at least show me where this stuff goes for future reference.


I am not receiving password reset emails. I have tried with several different accounts using different email addresses. I have checked the spelling of my email address, I have checked my spam folder, but the emails just aren’t turning up. Is there an email authentication process that I haven’t done, is the forgotten password system borked, or is the problem something else entirely?

Support issues are best handled by emailing, with as much detailed information as possible. Best of luck. :)

[quote=Jigurd]I am not receiving password reset emails.[/quote]I’m not receiving any Fallen London emails since the weekend or so, so I think there’s something wrong with a server or something. Perhaps that is something I should’ve reported? I kind of assume that Failbetter Games knows what’s going on with the servers in general, but perhaps that just isn’t so? (Not getting any emails also goes hand-in-hand with reports of Time being late this week.)

Thanks! A ticket has been submitted. Quick response from moderators is always appreciated :)

I guess it’s just an email server issue that will sort itself out. Ah well, no Fallen London for me today then :/

I’m getting e-mails. I just asked to have my account fixed manually. For some reason, I wasn’t getting mail for a while, either, but they were prompt about it.