In-game notebook/diary

edit: For obvious reasons, &quotLogbook&quot might be a better label then &quotDiary&quot

No matter how extensive the game’s journal, there’ll always be things you’ll want to remember that aren’t in it, e.g.: Take Mushroom Wine here, acquire curios there, get cheap supplies here, etc.

I don’t like using a notepad while sitting in front of a PC, so usually I’d open Notepad and alt-tab. While this is an immersion-breaker for all games, it is especially jarring in Sunless Sea, a game that tries so very hard to get you immersed (figuratively and literally :P).

Adding a notebook tab to the Gazetteer would be easy enough, but I’m thinking, why not put a in a little extra effort to make it part of the storytelling? Wouldn’t it be cool if it were also a diary, that automatically fills up with the events that are logged in the journal (met the three Sisters, discovered Gaider’s Mourn, agreed to take make delivery for the Cheery Man) in chronological order, complete with date for each entry and perhaps some flavor text, but that you can also edit and append? I think that this would give a feel very much in keeping with the rest of the game.

For convenience, you could also add &quothyperlinks&quot between corresponding journal and diary entries.

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I suppose I’d like an in-game note-taking feature- OR for added immersion you could write it down on a crumpled, slightly singed piece of paper (my option of choice).

Any note taking within the game should be in the form of a captain’s journal (I was going to say captain’s log, but that is too reminiscent of Star Trek.)

I hate to break it to you but I am pretty sure they had captains logs before star trek … quite probably before TV even ;D

on a more serious note some for of log or diary would be nice (especially one that maybe automatically takes notes about significant events in the game)