impossible to possible

I have a question that I’m afraid only Alexis can answer. Would you happen to know when the impossible challenges will become possible. Or perhaps an eta? Just curious.

Which ones did you have in mind? A lot of teasers at future content are marked as Impossible - the Dilmun Club; the Blind Watchmaker… er, I mean, Watchmaker’s Daughter; picking pockets in Veilgarden…

Wondering: Will we get a mention whenever this happens? Or will it become possible a year before it’s discovered?

Well, the Secular Missionary just got added content, so there’s something that’s now possible. It apparently needs to be boosted to level 10 with her to continue (which I’ve just done), but I haven’t pulled the continuation card yet.

How do you boost it to ten? I haven’t drawn any cards for her since I got it to nine. :(

There’s a card that will show up and let you advance to 10. What do you do after you hit 10?

There was fate locked content that was impossible not long ago in the forgotten quarter that just became possible. I was wondering when any were to change soon, including dilmun club.

The Dilmun Club is tied to the release of the Elder Continent, so we’ll have to wait for the opening of the Carnelian Coast at the least.

When you’re booted from Court, you’re told “[The Carnelian Coast will open soon.]” But it’s said this since 2011, so “soon” is highly interpretable.

Frankly, I only care about one thing concerning the Elder Continent: pygmy elephants! They’ve been mentioned in the game, and I would dearly cherish one as a pet, please. That is all. I can wait a decade for everything else, but my own baby pygmy elephant cannot come a day too soon.

Wait the secular missionary got some more?

Yep! I haven’t seen the card yet, however. Just echoes on some journals.

Yep, in the way of an opportunity card which unlocks at &quotIntimate with a Secular Missionary&quot 7. She’s delightful trouble, that one.

EDIT: Sara pecked faster! Huh, funny how we both first pecked &quotYep&quot.
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Yep is probably my favorite form of yes. ^^





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