Impossible! still impossible?

In the new Halloween fate-locked card, there’s an option that requires 10 fate and Impossible! I’ve not yet found something to give me the Impossible! quality. Has anyone else come across it yet? Or is it still a teaser placeholder for something that isn’t available yet?

Nothing ever gives impossible, almost certainly nothing will ever give impossible apart from that one mistake at the Sunlight event. It’s just a way of saying “This is not a thing you can access yet”

cheers! Just a teaser, then

another example of something that requires Impossible! at the moment is card associated with continuing the Associating with Radical Academics storyline

Yeah - short answer is “Impossible” marks something that we can’t do yet, but can reasonably expect to become available in the future, so we can prepare for it and know where to look for it! Some things lose their Impossible tag very quickly - no doubt the Halloween stories will be playable very shortly - and some remain Impossible for a good long while - because they’re intended for much later in the game, or simply not finished yet.

Ugh. I have been flipping cards for 5 days on one of my characters, Lukas Uller, trying to get the “An unsigned message” card. I have two Notability points and if I don’t spend them by Tuesday 5pm I will lose one of them. My luck has never been this bad with any card, I even got the Rubbery Euphonium pet card in Spite just waiting for it to turn up there. I flip between 15-25 cards a day on average, and I am starting to think that either my luck has run out or the system is not working. It just seems impossible that I would not have gotten it by now…

I probably flip >70 cards every day; there are things I have never seen. So…


Ah, speaking of Impossible! things: The Case of Other Waxwork has been blocked at the Honey-Addled Detective for as long as I can remember.

Now I’m wondering how many Impossible people there are in game. I know I was one, as was Space Marine. Anyone else manage to get the quality during the glitch?