Implacable Detective's Business Card

I keep hearing about various items and opportunities gained from the use of the Implacable Detective’s Business Card, but I have no idea how to get one. Does anyone have any tips?

What’s possible depends on your stats. Any contact with her will give you a card - whether this be at a party, working with her hunting a mandrake or taunting her when your suspicion rises too high.
That last is probably the most easily accessible. If your Suspicion reaches 3+, you’ll start seeing a card - the vigilant gentlemen in blue (I believe) - choosing to taunt her will increase your Suspicion and get you a card.

Also, the card to trade in Constable connections to gain Watchful will give you a card as well – the Detective is the one giving the class.

I can confirm that giving her your Maverick Bloodhound also gives you a card.

That was one of the first cards mentioned.
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(HA! I double-checked this time, this one hasn’t been mentioned! :) )

If you spoilers [color=#ffffff]Crash the Gateparty with His Amused Lordship and succeed you will gain a card (link to storyline).[/color]spoilers

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I think the vigilant men in blue requires some work done on the “Plotting Against the Masters” storyline