Images question

Sorry, this is probably a VERY newbie question. Also I have to apologize for my impatience, for all I know the answer is in the Reference Guide (which I am only about 1/3 through)… but I’ve searched the document and found nothing.

Is there a way to add my own images/icons? I gather there must be since other games seem to feature original art. But when I try to add set image to a quality or storylet - all i see is storynexus provided images. going to Stories->Icons does the same thing, shows me a gallery of provided icons but I see no way to add my own.

There is currently no way to upload your own art. However, it’s on the roadmap – check the creators’ pack (under Worlding on the orange creator tools bar.)

Hmmm… I take it then that cabinet noir has original artwork cause it belongs to FBG or otherwise has creator tools not available to us?

Cabinet Noir and Silver Tree are FBG projects; Below was started as a FBG project and is now, I believe, being independently pursued by the very fine Chris Gardiner.

Samsara, Zero Summer, and Evolve were all World of the Season winners and received custom banners/permission to upload banners from FBG. Maelstrom was also awarded a banner as a special consideration.

I think that sums up the current non-standard SN art. :)

Sorry to bring up an old topic, but can anyone estimate when we’ll be able to add our own artwork? Or whether it might be possible to ask for our own art on a case-by-case basis? Thanks!