I'm a newb and i'm lost


I find the game terribly hard , i don’t stop dying. Either i starving or i stay blocked because i have no more fuel.
I try to discover port et bring report to the admiral but he give me little ressource to continue my exploration.
Should i sell my ship to finance my explorations ?
Is there a guide to start the game ?

I’m blocked and it’s very frustrating

I’m not so great at it, but my general advice for procedurally generated games like this is that caution kills. The further you go, the greater the reward. If you want to make money, the first thing you should do is look for the Salt Lions and make as many Sphinxstone runs as the game will let you, then sell the last batch for 1k and cash out. The best options are to invest in your ship (better engine, better guns), officers (the easiest way to quickly increase a stat is to get a better officer), and pursuing one of the legacy achievements which will make future games easier.

Hey Mr_Morse,

only a few days ago I was feeling exactly the same! ;)

I received much help in the thread I started, which you can read through here.

Here’s a Beginner’s Guide I found very helpful.

There’s also a tutorial video on Youtube.

Just keep trying, I figured it out and so will you! ;)

If you want to, selling down to the really cheap ship is not necessarily a terrible idea. You get an instant 1000 echoes regardless of your current echo count, and traveling in it is super cheap. Fuel lasts forever, you don’t need to buy supplies, and you don’t really lose by hitting 100 terror because you can ignore the event that pops up. This can help you map out locations and find things so you can start getting an idea of some of the stories on the islands before committing to them with a larger ship. As long as you can avoid running into the shore and monsters with your 1 hull ship, I’d say give it a try! If nothing else you should have a 500 echo legacy to pass down to your next captain ;-)
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Considering the number of times I ran haplessly into stuff as a new player (and the number of times I still accidentally run into stuff 100+ hours later), I am not 100% sure about that idea. But it’s certainly amusing.