Ignored by support for a month.

I sent out a support request for my game crashing to black after the intro screen with the quote.

I included my output log, specs, etc. I’ve verified game files and done a complete reinstall.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Or perhaps information about how to actually get support’s attention?

At this point I’m almost ready to request a refund.

I just want to play!

Maybe support@failbettergames,.com instead? All of the support complaints I’ve seen have been about the sunlesssea email. Besides that, a few days ago a thread popped up about beta testing sunless sea for the newer versions of unity. Could be misremembering that one though.

I already emailed that address as well… Thanks for the reply.

[color=#cc0099]Hi Pedrovi, what’s the support ticket number on your original email? I will check on where it’s at for you[/color]

Thanks! Looks like someone has already dug me up.

Thanks for looking into this.

[quote=Pedrovi]Thanks! Looks like someone has already dug me up.

Thanks for looking into this.[/quote]

[color=#cc0099]Anytime! We handle all the support tickets ourselves, so occasionally during busy development times it can get a bit hectic. Always feel free to ping us on any of our social channels or send in another ticket to support@failbettergames.com if you don’t hear back from us within a week.[/color]