I zing to the zee, and it zings to me.

Zong of the zee gives +3 to all stats.

I didn’t realize it was an actual item. That’s interesting to know.

Seems rather low for something that takes so long to grind but nice enough I guess.

That’s…underwhelming, honestly.

I would expect it to give you certain dialogue options too, now that you’re recognized as the famous writer of the Zong of the Zee. (Sort of like you get the option to join in the “Concert” random event at Mutton Island if you’re a Poet).

The Concert option actually has an option to join in for every background, you just see the one that matches yours.

You get that option with other starting backgrounds also.

The Zong is the only current option for the equipment slot that helps stats, so it’s a bit like a ship or home comfort in FL: a small boost unobtainable any other way but not game-changing.

It’s also a win condition too, so I mean, anything else it does is kind of icing on the cake.

How do you get the living specimen?

Usually by random event at Port Cecil or that Mushroom place.

Also rarely from the elder western angler crabs of lick-a-monkey crag (200 hp).

I was thinking about this yesterday. I get what Ewan said, it makes use of an otherwise empty slot and ok, if it’s a win condition too, that alone makes it fairly worthwhile but… at the same time 77 Secrets = a potential 77 Stat boosts (although not over 100 max. at the moment, is that right?). So instead of + 3 to each, assuming you have the officers, you could raise all 5 skills by + 15 by spending the secrets that way (with 2 left over). Not meaning to put a dampener on it or anything, I mean I’m currently saving for it just to see the text and to have it because of the win condition and challenge it presents, just thought i’d point it out because it seemed odd.
Oh and definately Congratulations!! on managing to get it, i’m still a huge way off and it’s heartening to know that it can be done.