I wouldn't mind expanding my social circle.

Greetings, Fallen Londoners and other assorted visitors.

Although my character is a proud ne’er do well (I guess they exist) and he’ll never admit he needs friends (sycophants and minions, maybe - maybe even allies or patrons, but friends?), he grudignly admits that he could use with exchanging opinions with other living beings, from time to time, and maybe even perform activities of various kind together.

You’ll find the one they know as Dark Blot usually spending his time between the Flit and Spite.

If you are active daily, please add me and we can do… interesting stuff together.


I have added you, Mesolimbo!

Greetings fellows. I may have need of an individual willing to get their hands muddier than my own from time to time. When sober you will find me getting drunk down the docks and when not sober I am generally resting my eyes down tyrant park or shouting obscenities at urchins up in the flit. Either case, feel free to add me. I am active most days, nights and all the times not between dreams

I added you guys.

I’m active almost daily and I’m also finding new contacts and friends in London. Maybe we can share some chess games… or somthing else.

I likewise would enjoy connecting with other denizens of the Neath.


I’m always looking for stuff to do and people to do it with.

I’ve spent a fair while in the Neath destroying the plans of those I don’t like, but have come to realize that formulating my own plans calls for like-minded people, and so would be all too eager to expand my social circle!