I wish to betray you!

Don’t worry. No stabbings or poisonings or anything. I just want to talk to you… about a name. A terrible terrible name.

My alt, An Unconvincing Human Suit, is in search of a candle and to reach it I could use some… volunteers. You must not already be seeking the name. If your on board for a metaphorical back stabbing please sign your name (by which I mean, link to the account accepting betrayal) below. If you want something in return please state so in your post.

What are the consequences of these “betrayals”?

You will get some nightmares and 1 point of Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name.

What is the most that one can reasonably expect as payment for volunteer services?

Another question: if one were to get a point of this nightmareish quality, and then opted out of this storylet, can they be betrayed later on? I would like to allow people to betray me, but have no desire to accompish this story myself.

Player interaction is pretty limited so I’d say something fateless off the A Gift card, like a surprise package, or a collection of social actions. The gift card stuff may take a little longer as I have to actually draw the card.

I don’t know for sure how Free of the Name interacts with betrayals. My assumption would be that it would make you unavailable for future betrayals but right now it doesn’t seem to interact with much so it may be possible to be betrayed multiple times. I wouldn’t depend on this always being the case though so I’d recommend working under the assumption that you can only be betrayed once.

If you want to betray someone I can offer Hebediah as a patsy to your evil schemes.

I will attempt to ak for clarification. Assuming that free of the name allows more then one betrayal, I will allow you to talk my ear off on the subject. (Although please don’t eat my ear.) If not I politely request you do not betray me since I’m saving meself for another in that case.

You’ll draw a card called either &quotAn Alphabet of Scars&quot or &quotA Sign with a Strange Device&quot. Either option in these cards will give you a few menaces (a small boost to nightmares and wounds, picking the seekery option may hurt more) and redirect you to a page that explicitly spells out what seeking is and gives you the option to opt out.

There are also options buried on some of the cards you draw at night levels of Unaccoutably Peckish but that would be the easiest way to do it.

I’m putting forth my seeking alt for betrayal so that I can start now.


Oh, excellent. It’s been taking far too long for my Seeking alt to actually start Seeking.


A big thanks to everyone that has helped so far. I’m sorry if movement has been slower than anticipated. I had though I could stack up the Stench of Betrayal quality that I must betray you for but I was foolish and didn’t read the requirements correctly so I can only deal with 1 point at a time. That means 7 actions to send the request plus 7 actions to deal with the results plus some extra actions on a few occasions to deal with items that I thought I had slightly more time to deal with the absence of.

We’re 3 down which means I need 4 more vic… I mean, volunteers before this madness is over. If anyone is looking to get that first point of Seeking or would like surprise package (or some dead rats, I’m not here to judge) in exchange for my alt barging into your lodgings and attempting to convert you to Seekerism please let me know. Otherwise, I think I need to start grinding resources so I can make some very expensive northbound cats.

I appreciate the offer but the game is telling me Hebediah is unavailable due to &quotneeds qualities&quot which I assume means he already has a point of Seeking since you’d have to spend some pretty intense time in the Nadir to be a POSI but also have less than 30 Watchful.