I try to reduce Scandal but only reduce Suspicion

I’ve written to various kind characters to help reduce my Scandal, but they succeed only in putting off the Constables, reducing my Suspicion. My suspicion is nonexistent now but my Scandal is 7 and I dare not make a move. How do I get my Scandal down?[li]

Look under attend to Attend to Matters of Society and Scandal at your lodgings. One of your contacts should help. Or you could try going to church, also at your lodgings.

Sometimes it’s easier to go to the menace area and drop it there. The tomb colonies are restful, don’t fear them too much.

If you have Connected: The Church 5 and Connected: Hell 5 you’ll sometimes draw a card called Brimstone or frankincense? where you can side with the church for Scandal -3 CP. And there’s another card called An afternoon of good deeds? where you can reduce Scandal and Suspicion. While you’re waiting to draw cards like these you could avoid Persuasive challenges, since those are usually the ones that give you Scandal menace. If you have money the Nikolas & Sons Instant Ablution Absolution reduces Scandal by 1 CP, but that seems quite expensive to me.

Lady Ciel – how do my contacts help? When I click on “Ask someone for help in laying rumours to rest. The wicked things they say about you! …you need a faithful friend to pooh-pooh this nonsense. With help, you can reduce Scandal” – I wind up with reduced Suspicion!

Any action that seems like it might have a result that would make the public in general think badly of you is best avoided; most Scandal-giving actions are Persuasive, yes, but occasionally other actions result in it as well.

That option should reduce your scandal. I don’t know why it doesn’t. Might be time for a bug report.

Do you have access to the Court? There’s an option (&quotCatch the eye of a butler&quot) under &quotDisporting with the servantry&quot that reduces Scandal. It’s a bit slow, consumes Fascinating, and requires you to give up any Mementos of Passion in your possession, but it’s repeatable.
edited by MrUnderhill89 on 1/18/2014

That sounds like a bug, Euvyssos. I can confirm that those actions normally do reduce Scandal.