I thought we had something special...

…but it’s been weeks now and he still hasn’t accepted my invitation :(

A reckoning is not to be postponed indefinitely.

Just for a really, really, really long time.


he’s rael? tried inviting him for coffee anyway.

I’m just waiting to invite them to Enjoy Scones at Beatrice’s Tea Shop. :3
Not every day one gets to enjoy eating, with Mr Eaten.

Didn’t come to my wedding, either. sniff

I know, I invited him and he stood me up.

Come on, it is basic etiquette. You are not advertising. You should learn people’s name and write them down properly before you send them invitations to intimate meetings and weddings! How would you feel if I refer to you as &quotvaguely feline thing&quot in a letter? Huh? Huh?

Good under-evening for you all, fine gentlemen and finer ladies.
I’m glad you brought this subject up.
I am new here (Oh, four-five months, I reckon) and heard quite a lot about this Mr. Eaten fellow.
Why is this story on hold? What happened that took it down? Sounds like a very thrilling adventure.
Thank you.


That IS a destructive journey, if ever I saw one.

Thank you.

[quote=Gonen]That IS a destructive journey, if ever I saw one.[/quote]But so, so rewarding.
(if you take &quotrewarding&quot to mean &quotself-destructing&quot, that is)

Well, this is amusing. Apparently Mr. Eaten’s profile is eating Failbetter’s servers. I keep getting E500 errors when I try to look at his account.