I think I broke the Vault of the First Emperor

Spoilers for the Vault ahead.

So, I got to the part where the Delightful Adventuress pulls her rapier on you, and because I’m a filthy coward, I made a manual save before choosing to attack her. Ultimately, it was a meaningless choice, but I still wondered if it was possible to &quotsucceed&quot that test, so I loaded the save…

…and found myself outside the Vault. Whenever I enter it again, there’s no options there but to go right back out. Talking to the Adventuress back at her camp yields no results.

Did I just break this storyline? Am I going to have to start a new game to complete it?
edited by Tengu5 on 1/24/2018

Yes, it sounds like you broke the storyline. Some events are “must” events, which means you can’t close them without choosing an option to continue, but saving and reloading can force you out of the event.

If you’re up to it, you should be able to edit your save to reset your progress. Quality 114889 (Empire of Hands: Delightful Archeology) needs to be 35 and quality 114888 (Empire of Hands: Exploring the Vault of the First Emperor) needs to be 4. You will have to spend the items to open the door again, though.

Alternatively you can always contact support@failbettergames.com

Yeah, I figured as much. Ah well, time to start a new game. Thanks for the answer!

Or to contact support, as suggested.