I Swear the RNG is out of whack

Not that I’m complaining, but six Eyeless Skulls in one day is ridiculous.

If it never returned ridiculous results, it wouldn’t be very random, would it?

I tried failing a 40% check, and I instead passed it 7 times in a row…

Yeah. Proc system is better than Korean random

I’ve been failing like three or four low-risk checks in a row every once in a while now. I’ve also failed a straightforward check before but succeeded in very chancy and high-risk challenges.


Never Forget: Any appearances of the RNG favoring you are nothing more than it’s attempt to raise your spirits so that when it crushes your heart in it’s steely grip next you hurt even more.

Never forget, the RNG is evil.

Never forget.

The RNG is just waiting,and watching. Soon you will fail ten 90% chance or higher in a row. I’m looking at you unfinished business in spite.

I have gotten four eyeless skulls in a row… which is good from an epa standpoint, but terrible from a “I want tears of the bazaar, not another 66 echoes in items!” standpoint.

Any appearances of the RNG favoring you are not because it’s trying to raise your spirits, but because it picked up the plans for someone else. For instance- you may not be complaining, but my reaction to six eyeless skulls would begin with the words “really? really?” and would probably use up my three-swears budget and involve incoherent growling to boot. For me, eyeless skulls are like when a minnow eats your worm. i’d rather have the bait.

When it gives you coruscating souls in a row, it’s because there’s some poor fool who wants to see the failure text of the last option who’s scheduled for always failing before that point, or succeeding past it, and then it got the schedules swapped. one person’s good luck is another person’s misfortune.

I’m telling you, Pure Evil.

No one believes me. I know. But it’s true, the RNG is Pure Evil.

RNGeezus is not a merciful god, nor does he listen to your pitiful prayers. But he is technically a fair god, or at least we think he is, but that is only asymptotically verifiable.

That’s where you’re massively mistaken - rng is Random Evil. Mostly because a neutral &quotzero&quot outcome is considered as a bad one by the folk - as it means no thing good has happenned. Hence the whole distibution gets shifted into evil.
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That’s where you’re massively mistaken - rng is Random Evil. Mostly because a neutral &quotzero&quot outcome is considered as a bad one by the folk - as it means no thing good has happenned. Hence the whole distibution gets shifted into evil.
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I think it’s the other way round. good outcomes get shifted into neutral, or perhaps simply a loss is more bad than a win is good. not to mention some of the places, anytime you get the bad outcome, things go a lot further wrong, and the good outcomes don’t improve things that much- so the average result is neutral, but bad luck costs more than good luck provides. i.e. polythreme.

In the eyes of the RNG all is fair and all shall be fair. Though the RNG giveth and the RNG taketh away, it giveth and taketh in equal measure on the grand scale of time. Probably.

In and of itself, yes. but the problem is there are places where a string of bad luck hurts more than good luck helps. And the reverse, of course, but when bad luck hurts more, then you don’t remember that time you got to fascinating lv. 13 in polythreme, or, uselessly, lv. 14, you remember all the times you were just barely short of 12. Combined with the fact that lots of good luck results are just more progress, but bad luck results are actually terrible- how many good luck results are certain victory? how many bad luck results are certain defeat, or &quotI have to do this all over again?&quot. There are places in carosels where the payout is halved or changed to a totally different type of currency on failure. Pyramidal gambles make this worse, sometimes. Sure, plant duels are nice, but it’s ultimately a string of coin flips that continues until you get seven more heads then tails, and the only mercy the game shows is it won’t let you go below zero. You have to live for the moment, or remember how good the epa is just short of the peak.

[with perfect luck, you could get 5 epa by winning the penultimate round and losing the final round indefinitely. Some people would call that an RNG curse, but that’s the best-case scenario, and would never occur.]

Getting the 230 echo pocketwatch is amazing, but getting to miss rolling a 5 on 20 5-or-6 zee catches is what sticks with you, because outrageous good luck is usually rare successes, where the odds are hidden, or an absurdly long string of &quotlikely outcome&quot rolls, while outragously bad luck is failing what should be a one-in-three 20 times, spending about 20 actions each time, even if you did get some nice items along the way. There’s a lot more &quotThis is certain defeat if the RNG decides it hates me&quot chances than &quotThis saves me a boatload of work&quot chances. When the RNG decides to bless you it saves a little time, but when the RNG decides it hates you it wastes a lot of time- or at least that’s how it feels.

ARRRRGH! My alt now has TWO mood cards in her hand (and only two slots right now) and yet my main has not drawn any! This is bothersome in the extreme! I know it’s because Alys has the qualities to unlock far more potential cards, but still. UGH! kicks the RNG Sometimes the wrong good luck is just as frustrating as extremely bad luck. ^.^;