I set sail...

A pox on all of you who don’t dare to venture into the depths of the underzee. If only my crew weren’t a bunch of criminals or rats (or sometimes I fear both!), then I would set sail and never return to port. Alas, my addiction to honey is too much.


So I played forgotten London quite a bit over the past few years, but being browser based I would go for months between using my actions up, and recently (yesterday) got the Sunless sea and I’m as addicted as a honey eater. My first captain survived a surprisingly long time, fed his crew and paid for fuel, but the never ending curse of trying to pay it all in just wore him into a watery grave. His Rival, faired worse, mainly due to a navigational error and a lifeberg (I believe, no survivors told the tale). HIS rival is currently floating around taking out pirates.

To be honest, I am struggling a bit: making money vs getting assets is tricky. Finding people to fight is very hit and miss. I’ve taken to performing quite large loops out into the ocean, grabbing as many location reports and fighting what mobs I can - but upgrading to a better ships seems a very long way off.

Is there some way of better tracking individual missions or plans? Some of the guides I read keep talking about trying to keep terror low, but I’ve never really got terror high. Food & supplies are my biggest issue (followed by money to hire officers and upgrade equipment). I think I’ve got a better gun but never managed to get enough scratch together for better engines.

Early game, you don’t really want to be hunting or fighting pirates for cash, even with high iron. Lifebergs in the north, maybe, if you can get yourself into a nook where it can’t hit you. Early on, your best bets are strategic information for the admiral (you can combine tow of these into vital intelligences with high enough mirrors + 1 move in the great game, memory of distant shores or zee story) and the Merchant Venturer. Also the Blind Bruiser, but this is risky; if you have to return to London without having completed your task, he’ll sink you.

Storylines are much better cash-wise than trading. Hunting doesn’t really become lucrative until later, although pirate steam pinnaces can be worth a fair bit.