I seem to be missing/forgotten/broken part 2 of the Shadowy Gains track (Deviless heist)

I have secured the address of the deviless.
I have the required Criminal Favors.
Yet I cannot find any option to heist her townhouse.

Is there an additional Master Thief requirement that I am unaware of, or is there anything else I might have missed?
The Wiki doesn’t really seem to say anything like that.

You’re here Planning a Heist and you don’t see this option The townhouse of a Discerning Deviless. Can you check your base Shadowy because this can only mean that you already did the heist.

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It seems I had an old heist selected already, making “Heist” and “Big Score” look very alike.

Great! Good luck now!

Thanks, either I was vastly overprepared, or I was lucky indeed.

I even forgot what that heist was about and how it was, but I do remember it was different than the usual ones.