I play this game more than WoW.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and the unknown,

I find myself playing this game more then WoW (World of Warcraft). I never I would find a game that I would play more than it. I know, this is a short post, but I have a question.

Who here has an addiction to this game?

Raises hand with with a contorted expression composed of both shame and pride

I don’t think any other game has hooked me quite as much as this one has. I usually play for a while and move on, but FL has held my attention for something near six months at this point.

I think Fallen London is the site I’ve spent the most time on, and is definitely the only one I’ve never taken a hiatus from.

I’ve been playing for a little over a year. It’s been fun. :-D

Not only have I played this game more than any other, I have also spent more money on it than on any other game I’ve ever bought.

Still completely addicted and I’ve been playing for 3 years.

Yep, 2 years in and I play every day and spend more time than I actually have doing FL roleplay.

I even have FL dreams. Recurring dreams, if you like.

If my journal is to be believed… five… and a half… years.

8 months now. Can’t stop. Send help.

Addicted, too addicted, $150 in three days? …addicted x.x
However, the server right now is down, yet again…so withdrawal, much withdrawal.
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Let’s see, I was addicted to Kingdom of Loathing until the unfortunate affair of the Black Cat… when the Sims originated (my god, has it really been 15 years?) I was totally addicted and contributed much to the community… less so with Sims 2, and they have progressively taken from the game all I found charming with each new release (though the graphics of the second incarnation were a distinct improvement over the first).
Though only here in FL a short time, I know when I’m in trouble. I shall be lurking around here for quite some time, unless the old man with the scythe finally turns away from that trail of crumbs I laid for him and hunts me down.

– Mal

This game is my Dawn Machine.