I once found a dev-tool in my inventory.

[li]I was recently reminded of a strange experience I had while playing;

About two years ago I logged into Fallen London and discovered an item in my inventory which had not been there previously. When clicked on, the item allowed backdoor access to edit storylets, items, etc. For fear of screwing something up I logged out, determined to further investigate the strange item in the morning.
Upon waking, it was gone.
[li]Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any insight as to how it happened in the first place?

If I remember correctly there was a couple hours long ago where everyone had dev access, right around when the silver tree came out. I poked it a bit not thinking it would work and accidentally gave myself a bunch of echoes and fate, then immediately fessed up in my bug report and had it removed.

Eek! Def right decision. The echoes would probably be fine on an individual basis, but even the smallest amount of fate given and spent would confuse their accounts (and if spent on a non FL game, probably leave them owing money they didn’t get in).

Yey you. :-)

When Silver Tree came out, the Silver Leaf item was briefly clickable and was a dev tool. I stared at it for a few moments in confusion before submitting a bug report. Got a stash of free Cups of Cosmos for my troubles! =P