I need rats!

My delicious friends, I remember not too long ago when my lodgings were infested with rats and while an encumbrance at the time, I did come out of that whole debacle with bags and bags of rats. Now, between my unusual plant and the Topsy-Kings’ eating habits, I feel like I will never gain entrance to The Labyrinth of Tigers.

My question then, is whether or not the rumors I hear are true? Is it possible to convince the rats they are again welcome in my house, only to turn against them? If not, what is the best way to achieve such a high number of rats as to gain entrance to The Labyrinth? Besides buying them at at the bazaar of course, I fear the tigers wouldn’t be very happy with those…
edited by Kitsune on 9/27/2012

A person of some importance (needing 100 levels in at least 1 skill, and better if more) lets you partake in ‘unfinished business in the spite’ with the option ‘keep your hands quick’ netting you 100 rats a pop.

I myself don’t remember such a high price for labyrinth of tiger passage, I think that entrance will come cheaper with time as part of a story.

Fleecing a Crowd of Carnival Goers or Entertaining the Topsy King in the Flit are good option for rats if you are not, as of yet, a Person of Some Importance.

The unlock:route fee stays the same I’m afraid.
What you could do, obviously, is to visit the Labyrinth of Tigers as a guest once you’ve started 'Progressing in the Labyrinth of tigers at Dangerous [color=#ffffff]96[/color] or so, and then finish Coil 1 and claim your prize - consisting of a big quantity of rats.

I haven’t tested it myself, though; and it’s probably much better to gain the rats from other sources.

That’s how I gained access, and it’s probably the most efficient way of doing so, though it does require waiting around for the right opportunity card to pop up.
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Ah thank you all and I am on my way to being a little more important but have a decent amount of work ahead of me.