I need fast transit to the Tomb-Colonies.

Of course, the Tomb-Lion is the last of the beasts I have yet to breed, and I am unfortunately aware that the journey to obtain one will take me where only Scandal can. Or so I assume. If I have any other options for getting there, I would gladly hear of them; otherwise, I would like to know the best way of accruing Scandal in short order.

On an unrelated note, as an Exceptional Friend, I have been rather stymied by the presence of a Regretful Soldier at the House of Chimes who it appears I should have made the acquaintance of already. Did I miss my chance somewhere along the way, or have I simply not probed the right corners of the Neath yet?

The only way I know of to get to the Tomb Colonies is indeed via Scandal.

There may be better ways to acquire Scandal, but the only sure way I know of to do it regardless of the storylets available to you is to have other people ask for your help getting rid of theirs. To maximize the amount of Scandal you acquire, it would be best if they “Use Someone as Your Dupe” on you. Of course, you should also make sure to put on any scandal-boosting items you own to speed the process - Modish Bonnet, Scarlet Stalkings, Brass Rings, etc.

You could ask for assistance in the “Enlist Other Players” area…people actually suffering from Scandal would probably be delighted to help out. I’d offer to throw Scandal at you myself, but I’m in Polythreme at the moment.
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Note that it is better if you get scandal to 3 or 4 first and then equip the scandal-boosting items after instead of the other way around.

Posing nude for a painting with the Repentant Forger should help.

To raise scandal: Failing opportunities in the Palace and the Court will raise it. As will failing the Pygmalion related storylines in Mahogany Hall. You can also do it by accepting scandal menace offers from delicious friends.

To meet up with the Regretful Soldier, you should spend sometime in Watchmaker’s Hill. Perhaps, while waiting for the Soldier you could find a Fungal Pont (I’m still looking for one myself!).


I’m starting to wonder if my little Fungal Pony truly does exist.

To decrease the time needed to reduce scandal in the colonies, try asking somebody for help in laying scandal at rest before going to the colonies.
As far as I know you can’t send them from there, but they can still be accepted. Not 100% sure about it as I have only tried it in prison, with wounds, though.
Also, the regretful soldier appears on a card when at Watchmaker’s Hill with 45+ Dangerous. Only one of the options increase it, however.

Do you happen to be good friends with a Repentant Forger? Posing for some of his paintings might help, if you’re not overly shy.

If you’ve got a counterfeit head of John the Baptist, you might toy with it affectionately.

The cheapest way I have found to get to the Tomb Colonies is to equip and then un-equip a +scandal item, giving you essentially a scandal of 1 for “free”. Then raise your scandal to 4 by doing some posing for the Repentant Forger at the cost of some connected with him. At this point you equip all your + scandal items (Modish Bonnet for +1, Brass Ring for +1 and Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin for +2) bringing the total up to 8 which will lead to the now desired exile where you can get your Tomb Lion (or whatever you were looking for). You can now remove the items that gave you + scandal bringing your scandal down to 4, significantly decreasing the amount of time you need to spend in the colonies, given that the card you need is drawn that is. This is also repeatable, and the only thing you need to do to go back is chat some more with the Repentant Forger to bring his Connected back up.

If there are more items that can increase scandal, please tell. Good luck in the colonies!
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Would it be possible to get enough scandal causing and scandal reducing items to go to the colonies and back without consuming any actions? (assuming you already have 4 scandal or so)

Items can up your Scandal 4 notches, but unequiping those while in the Colonies will not get you out again. To get back from such a wretched place you must remove ALL your Scandal which means not only unequipping those items, but getting rid of your Scandal 4 as well.