I miss my soul. How do I get it back?

A while ago, I was rather careless during a dalliance with a quiet deviless and seem to have mislaid my soul.

It now seems that a soul is a rather handy thing to have, and I would quite like to have it back again. (For reasons of characterisation, of course, but mostly for Counting the Days.)

Is there a way to force draw the card that starts the retrieval storyline?
edited by Lady Godiva on 6/20/2014

Not as far as I know. You can possibly be very lucky with bundles of oddities, but that will still take a while, since you need exactly 100 (url=http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Something_unexpected_2[/url], see (other link) for actions that give you those amounts once in a blue moon.)
edited by Aximillio on 6/21/2014

Maybe what you need is to understand your reasons for what you did, and there isn’t better placer for that, than a place of knowledge as the university. (hint, hint)

I think that bundle is more random than before nowadays, just so that’s said =)

All the bundles should be random now, including the eight bundles of oddities that each term can offer once you’re trying to start your own department. So for people who haven’t already finished with the university, that appears to be an option.
edited by Gillsing on 6/23/2014

Ah, I see! That would definitely be better than the uni card I was thinking Latil was hinting at.