I love the University Lab.

Hello! So, just as the title says, I love the laboratory. I started playing right at the beginning of December as the advent calendar started, and of everything I’ve encountered so far, playing around in the university lab just makes me so giddy. I was absolutely enamored with the idea of the Correspondence, and ever since my blossoming socialite became the very Neath’s foremost authority upon it (don’t fact check this) the cryptic and burning script has been her favorite interest to pursue. Countless symphonies dedicated to the Correspondence, preening over unfathomable lengths of lacre-covered-sidewalk with her Semiotic Monocle, committing every inch of the Forgotten Quarter to memory; her journey led her right to the height of Academia itself, embracing the profession as a Correspondent proper hardly two weeks after becoming a Person of Some Importance all to demand a space where she could pursue her work in complete peace.

And it was the best thing I’ve done in the game so far.

I love everything about it. I love working with characters like F.F. Gebrandt, because it makes it feel like my character’s achievements really have been recognized in academic circles, and now she gets to work with a name she’s seen her entire time in Fallen London so far. Expanding my lab, creating better equipment, training and graduating students, it’s so easy to watch the actual growth of your facility and see it’s effects on your work efficiency, and it is super encouraging to me.

I just performed my longest research so far, exploring the limits of human anatomy until it was in fact no longer human, and earned my first point of Shapeling Arts from it! I beat the snot out of dock workers for an entire day just to get a crate with the proper parts I needed, all for the name of science! I have looked beyond the reflection and into the mirror and demanded their compliance in the creation of a passage to Parabola! I have found SO many DEER FEMURS! So many! But still no foxes?!

I know there’s still so, so much to look at yet, which just leaves me so eager to go further. I know there’s a whole thing of making skeletons with what I produce in the lab as well that I haven’t even touched beyond selling my MANY, MANY DEER FEMUR. It’s also very enjoyable to have a infinitely repeatable way to raise my Scholar of the Correspondence stat, I fully intend to get it to 21 through the lab and am very happily looking forward to doing so.

If you like the pursuit of FORBIDEN KNOWLEDGE, add me :grin: Fallen London